Wedding Professionals

Wedding Professionals

The Bride Box is the perfect thank you gift to your clients after they hire you for their wedding. Give your brides the gift that makes the road to matrimony even more fun and exciting!


The Bride Box is excited to announce gift boxes for wedding professionals! Whether you are a wedding planner, photographer, or any other ‘in the biz’ expert – this box is for you!

What’s the Deal:

Set gift boxes for your brides when they hire you for their wedding. A perfect thank you gift where we do all the work.

What we include:

 Each wedding planner edition of The Bride Box will include a variety of gifts for the bride such as: tote bags, drinkware, bride gear, makeup and beauty items, stationary, and other wedding day essentials. Each box will have a value of $75 or more!

Please contact us for pricing and other details.