Winter Wonderland Wedding

Ah winter. For some it is the bringer annoyances like extreme weather and being stuck in your driveway. For others, it is the most fantastic, magical season of the year, and brings wonderful things like snow, hot cocoa, holidays, and icicles. For those of you who have chosen a winter date wedding, why not choose a winter-wonderland theme?
Winter Wonderland Wedding
[photo by Jenny Hess]


With your wedding invitations, the goal is to evoke not only your guest's desire to attend, but also a warm feeling of winter magic. You don't necessarily have to use white paper to achieve this effect. Consider black paper with white writing or embellishments. Alternatively, you can go with white or light blue paper with added crystals, sequins, lace, snowflakes, or trees. We love these invitations by Etsy seller ChristinaElizabethD:
Wedding theme wedding invitations


You've already decided on a rich and dramatic wedding theme, so your dress can be just as daring. This is a perfect opportunity to wear a wedding dress with long sleeves; practical and fitting for the theme. Thicker, more firm fabrics like tulle and satin would also be on point. Don't be afraid to incorporate accessories into the finished product as well. Blusher veils, coats, stoles, and crystal headbands will all add the perfect touch to your look.
Winter wedding gown
[from the Temperley London Fall/Winter 2015 collection]


The goal here is to keep your guests feeling warm and satiated, and nothing does that better than a first course of soup. Try a squash or root vegetable based concoction like potato leek or butternut squash. As for the main entree, comfort foods like a gourmet mac and cheese or a juicy fillet can really hit the spot. Try incorporating winter fruits such as cranberry chutney, baked apples, or pears into your side dishes. If you are providing sweet treats in addition to the cake, or if you are boxing up treats for to-go gifts, try this Charred Pear Sorbet with Goat Cheese "Snow" recipe.


Speaking of sweet treats, let's talk about that cake. A multi-tiered white based cake can be a wonderful canvas for your caterer to create a snowy masterpiece. Try a sprinkling of edible snow with fondant ornaments and snowflakes, or even a cake adorned with silver "tinsel" or sugar-crafted roses. The possibilities here are endless. We love this elegant Jenna Rae wedding cake with silver sparkle layers and white winter flowers:
Jenna Rae wedding cake


Lush and fluffy white roses or ranunculus can make the perfect wonderland statement. Dark blue hydrangeas or dark red tulips can add that dramatic splash of cold color to your mostly-white and silver affair. As for what accents to embellish your flowers with, try adding holly berries, pine cones, baby's breath, or silver-painted twigs to your bouquets and centerpieces. Check out this winter bridal bouquet by Lydia Jane Floral Studio. Wrapped in wool roving (Wolf Ridge Lamb and Wool Co.) and made with hydrangea, ranunculus, berzillia baubles, and lilac.
winter bridal bouquet
[photo by Alison Lea Photography]


The two main keywords here are: Sparkle and shine! Silver accents, crystals, blue lighting, or ice-blue ribbon accents, will all add to your wonderland spell. If your ceremony is going to be outdoors, utilize any trees nearby to add to your scheme. For the indoor reception, disperse twigs all throughout the area in order to bring that tree feel to the inside. Try scattering tiny decorative crystals over the tables at the reception for that "fresh snowfall" vibe. Lighting will also be key here. Make sure there are candles and lanterns aplenty, and try hanging white or blue string lights for an icicle feel.
winter wedding wonderland
[design by Preston Bailey]  [photo by John Labbe]
What elements are you incorporating into your winter wonderland wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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