Top 12 Unique Wedding Themes for 2021

Are you and your fiance fun, inventive, creative people? This past year was a tough one for everybody, so you have a great excuse to cut loose and hold an extra special and uncommon wedding. So if you are looking for some inspiration for a unique wedding theme, check out our top 12 unique wedding themes for 2021 and get inspired! 

Queen’s Gambit: Mid-Century Mod

Queen’s Gambit was easily one of the best offerings on Netflix to date. There is something both vintage and timeless about Beth Harmon’s style. Throwing a Queen’s Gambit-inspired soiree would be a perfect way to pay homage and show off your love of mid-century modern aesthetics. 

Queen's Gambit: Mid-Century Mod

Queen’s Gambit: Chess

Speaking of Queen’s Gambit...sales of chess sets have skyrocketed since the series’ debut, so chances are good that you have at least one in your home. Why not dust it off and use it as inspiration for a chess-themed wedding. Now that’s a Queen’s Gambit that no one could decline.

Queen's Gambit Chess Theme
[Adam Ward Photography]

Star Wars

With the success of The Mandalorian, Star Wars fever is back with a vengeance. Plus, with no less than nine more series in the works, inspiration for a Star Wars-themed wedding should come easily. Wear Mandalorian helmets, spark up those old lightsabers, or even feature a wedding cake with adorable Baby Yoda...ahem...we mean Grogu.

Star Wars Theme


Your guests don’t have to be the only ones wearing masks. Why not get in on the action by channeling your flair for spectacle into a lavish masquerade-ball themed wedding? The best part is you can use The Phantom of the Opera lyrics for your wedding vows. No one will notice...except for maybe Aunt Diane.

Masquerade Theme

Schitt’s Creek

Are you missing everybody’s favorite riches-to-rags family? Why not pay tribute by throwing a Schitt’s Creek-themed party? Just know that you do not have to go full Zilla like David Rose. Now, where did you leave that giant pope hat…

Schitt's Creek Theme


Has there ever been a better time to throw a travel-themed wedding? Your bodies may not be able to travel, but your spirits can. Gather some globes, compasses, and maps, and let your imagination run wild. Designate the different areas with all the places on your bucket list, or go with a more focused, one-destination theme.

Travel Theme


Speaking of travel, waiting for your favorite time-traveling Sassenach to come back on Starz might feel like forever. In the meantime, why not use your imagination to travel to Scotland and back in time with an Outlander-inspired celebration? Just be careful where you place the standing stones…

Outlander Theme


Having a tent wedding? Why not make it a big top? STEP RIGHT UP and throw the party of a lifetime with a circus-themed party. Not going the tent route? You can create similar carnival magic in a barn venue.

Circus Theme

Award Show

Award season is upon us, ladies. Rolling out the red carpet for your guests would be a splendid idea. You can make fun “reserved for” signs for the table seating, and even give out little Oscar-shaped edible wedding favors. And the award for Best Couple goes to…

Award Show Theme
[Victor Sizemore Photography]


Your wedding doesn’t have to be on Halloween for you to get scary with it. Represent your favorite horror movie characters, invoke the spirits in a Day of the Dead celebration, or even just keep it subtle with a daring black gown.

Horror Theme
[Heather Marie Photography]

DC Comics

Everybody seems Marvel obsessed, but DC deserves some love too, and we think you’re just the ones to do it. Your fiance can hide a Superman shirt underneath his tux, you can wear matching bracelets like Wonder Woman, or you can even put little capes on your flower girl and ring bearer. Whichever route you choose, it’s sure to be a colorful affair.

DC Comics Theme


If watching Wonder Woman 1984 reignited your appetite for the 80s, you’re not alone. Thanks to WW84 and shows like Stranger Things, our obsession with this decade is here to stay. Break out the neon signs and dust off the old fishnets, cause it’s about to get totally tubular.

80s Theme
[Nickel City Studios]

That’s all for now, bride babes! We hope this helps you get creative and inspired! We would love to hear from you. What unique theme are you planning for YOUR wedding? Tag us in your wedding photos (@thebridebox and #thebridebox - don’t forget “the”) and let us know!

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