Top 12 Unique Weddings Themes for 2016

Are you and your fiance fun, inventive, creative people? Are you looking for some inspiration for a unique wedding theme that is a little different from the usual rustic chic? Check out our top 12 unique wedding themes for 2016 and get inspired!

Star Wars

The upcoming release of The Force Awakens this December has brought Star Wars mania back to an all-time high. We think 2016 will see a lot of Star Wars-themed weddings. May the force be with you, in sickness and in health.
Star Wars Wedding
[photo by Lisa Jane Photography via Rock N Roll Bride]

Game of Thrones

Why not theme your wedding around the world's most popular television show? Make it a gallant, medieval-style celebration and feast, fit for a king. Just make sure it doesn't turn out like the Red Wedding, am I right?
game of thrones wedding theme
[photo by Mollie Tobias Photography]

Mad Men

Who doesn't love Mad Men? This is a great opportunity to showcase a very specific era (1960s) in the vintage wedding theme craze.
Top 12 Unique Weddings Themes for 2016
[photo by Esenses Photography]


Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that utilizes elements of the technological and aesthetic designs of the Victorian era to create a look that is quirky, different, and is the very embodiment of geek chic.
steampunk wedding theme
[photo found on Tanis J]


Today's films and TV shows are flooded with superheros, and it's because we can't get enough of them. We love this photo of the bride and her bridesmaids, who took it one step further and got vintage with it!
Superhero wedding theme
[Cat Norman Photography]


From Duck Hunt all the way to Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo has produced some of the most popular video games around and touched the hearts of many a nerd. We love these creative Nintendo cartridge wedding invites found on
Nintendo wedding theme

Snow White

You've heard of a Cinderella wedding, sure, but how about a Snow White wedding? Enchant your guests with "poisoned" candied apples, vintage mirror-mirrors on the wall, and your lips, red as rose.
Snow White wedding theme
[photo by Claire Marika Photography]

Beauty and the Beast

Picture your wedding invitations reading "Be Our Guest" and you'll have the spark of an idea for a Beauty and The Beast wedding. Make sure there are candlesticks, clocks, and teapots a plenty. Plus, it's a good excuse for an over-the-top ball gown dress.
Beauty and the Beast wedding theme
[photo by Raiya Corsiglia]

Great Gatsby

Another unique twist on the vintage wedding. This 20s era masterpiece of literature is a great opportunity to show off your uniqueness and fashion prowess, complete with pearls, fringe, and feather headdresses.
The Great Gatsby wedding theme
[photo by Mike Larson] [Photographer's website:]

Harry Potter

Did you think the Harry Potter fever had finally died down? Guess again. With the new release of an illustrated edition of the first book, the Pottermania is back in full force!
Harry Potter Wedding Theme
[photo by Chris Martin]  [Photographer's website: ]

School Theme

This wonderfully delightful theme is adorable for any teachers, high-school/college sweethearts, or any people who just plain loved school (they must exist, right?)
School wedding theme
[photo by This Modern Romance ] [Photographer's website: ]

Starry Night

If you're having a winter wedding, why not make your theme starry night? This exotic and romantic atmosphere is achieved by having dark hues and undertones splashed with white lights and elements that sparkle.
Starry Night wedding theme
We hope this helps you get creative and inspired! What unique theme are you planning for YOUR wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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