Rustic Honeybee Wedding

Looking for a specialized twist on the classic rustic chic wedding? Honey is a universal symbol for sweetness and love, so why not spread some of that joy to your guests? A fall date is a great time for an outdoor or tented honey themed wedding.


Depending on your area and what your local bees are feeding on, the honey you use can be a variety of colors. You therefore have a versatile color palette to work with including, light yellow, peach, gold, or deep amber. Any combination of these shades will be complimented by the greenery of the outdoors and your beautiful white or off white dress.
Rustic Honeybee Wedding


Try going for a base of rustic chic (wood, burlap, chalkboard, etc) and add your twist of honey on top. Try creating table centerpieces with bee pollen stalks inside mason jars, or tin tea canisters. If you are an artist or know someone who is, have them draw or paint bees and honeycombs on your chalkboards, or any wood structures. If you don't know any artists or don't have the time, use these stencils from Michaels with spray paint. Check out this wooden honeycomb backdrop designed by The Style Co.
[photo by Hikari Photography}


Don't agonize over your dress. Whatever style you have your eyes on and whatever color from the honey palette you choose, will probably look gorgeous. The key is in the accessories. There are many honeybee or honeycomb accented jewelry pieces out there to top of your look, from headbands, to broaches, and even bobby pins and bracelets. All you need is one perfect piece to give yourself that bee-kissed aura, like this exquisite Austrian crystal honeybee hair clip:
honey bee hair clip


This is a unique opportunity to do something different from the normal served dinner. Of course, you'll want to provide your guests with some sort of main course, such as roasted herb chicken or dinner ham. For an appetizer, try providing your guests (via buffet table or the guest tables) with platters made of aged cheeses, in-season fruits, and artisan breads. Make sure each table has a sampling of local honey for dipping.
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[photo by Daniel Kim Photography]


You have several options here. You can have a simple, understated cake that would go well with any outdoor scheme, or you could go very playful with a full-on towering honeycomb design, complete with fondant bees, honeycombs, and hives. You'll have to decide which style goes best with your overall wedding tone of course, but we happen to love this cake from Melissa & Matt's rustic honey bee wedding, created by the bride herself!
honey bee wedding cake
[photo by Lisa Burgess]


As for wedding favors, tiny jars or vials of honey would be a safe and obvious choice. If you are feeling a little more inspired, then why not try some beeswax candles, or bundles of honey sticks wrapped with decorative fabric or twine (wonderful if you are on a tight budget.) We adore these Old Fashioned Double Filled Honey Candies from Etsy seller holyhoney:
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Are you planning on a honey themed wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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