Jam-Packed June

Welcome back, ladies! We hope you're ready for another amazing reveal because here it comes. Some of you are getting married this season, and some of you may have postponed your nuptials till the following year. Either way, the June edition of The Bride Box is jam-packed full of goodies to help you ride out the summertime heat with extra flair. The June bridal gift ideas in your box are going to help you sleep, plan, float, and drink…all while keeping your gloss in check.


Each month, The Bride Box curates specialized goodies that are just for gals like you: Future brides who are dedicated to not only planning their nuptials but also pampering themselves as they deserve.


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Without further ado, here is your June bridal gift ideas of The Bride Box, revealed:

 Bride Notebook


Every bride needs a good bridal notebook, and now you have one! This "Brides Notes" journal is a lovely lavender shade and has an elastic place marker, making it the perfect way to organize your guest list, seating chart, or even just a way to record your thoughts and dreams through the wedding planning process.


Heads up! If journaling on your honeymoon is the plan, check out "The Honeymoon Box". It's filled with fun stuff to help enhance the most important vacation of your life.


 Sweating for the Wedding Tumbler


Let's face it, whether you're sweating for the wedding, or just plain sweating, you need to keep stay hydrated and healthy. Make sure your water stays iced cold with your new "Sweating" tumbler. It's the perfect companion for your pre-wedding workouts or even just pool-side lounging. If you prefer hot drinks, it will keep your coffee or tea piping hot as you head to work, or even on your special day.


Mr. PillowcaseMrs. Pillowcase


If you've been waiting for that last final piece to bring your couple décor game to the next level, then wait no longer. Your brand-new pillowcase set is going to do just that. The "Mr." pillowcase comes adorned with a fancy bowtie that will top off his side of the room, while your "Mrs." pillowcase will add the perfect bridal accent to yours with its quaint little heart. Snap a couple pic with you and your pillowcases and tag us. We would love to see them! @thebridebox #thebridebox


Alternative Uses: Don't throw away those old pillowcases! You can use them as a sack to wash your delicates in, a laundry bag for when you're traveling on your honeymoon, or even as dusters.


Bombshell Lipgloss


Be a Bombshell Cosmetics believes that every woman, no matter the size, shape, or skin tone, deserves to be a bombshell. With high-quality lip glosses like this one, it is easy to feel like one. This shade of gloss offers high shine and is completely adjustable. You can apply it liberally to top and bottom lips for full coverage or try the lower lip and blot technique to make it sheer. Either way, your new gloss will help you look your bombshell best on date nights, on your wedding day, or even just lounging by the pool.


PRO TIP: For a smoother finish, try a lip exfoliant or scrub before application. Don't have a lip scrub? No worries. Wet a washcloth with warm water and gently rub away dead skin. You can also try dabbing a bit of lotion on afterwards. Happy glossing!


You could use your phone to check your makeup, but let's be honest, none of us are fans of that front-facing mirror. Now you have the cutest and most-compact way to check on that Bombshell gloss. This adorable "Future Mrs." compact mirror has your new status written on top in a lovely font with a small pink heart design. Use it to put on your makeup before you head outside to plan by the pool or bring it down to the beach with you while you're honeymooning.


Heads Up! Check out our "Future Mrs." box. It's filled with other fun bridal-planning goodies that match the saying on your new compact.


Ring Boat

We're going to round out this June box reveal with one of the most useful summertime goodies ever. Your new "Bling Ring" drink boat won't let your drink sink. It's the best way to keep your hydration handy when you're in the pool or even the bathtub. Put your new "Sweating for the Wedding" tumbler in your float, fill it up with water, tea, or a martini (we won't tell), and bring it with you as you float your cares away. Tell us what kind of drinks you're floating! (@thebridebox #thebridebox)


Heads Up! While you're here, pick up the "Beach Bride" box. Inside, you'll find other accessories perfect for a bride who needs to take a well-deserved vacation at the beach or even just a staycation in the backyard.


We hope you love your June bridal gift ideas just as much as we enjoyed putting them together. We would love to see selfies of you with all your bridal swag. In fact, did you know that we hold a monthly contest? Share photos of yourself with your bridal goodies (be sure that your profile is set to public AND that you tag @thebridebox and #thebridebox or we won’t be able to see it). You could be featured on our social media pages AND win a free month of The Bride Box! Be sure to follow us at @thebridebox so you don’t miss out on other content like special offers, sneak peeks, contests, and more. That’s all for now bride babes. Please stay safe and healthy, and we will see you back in July!


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