How to Deal With Bridesmaids Drama

Are you having bridesmaids drama? Do you wish you could sail them all out into the middle of the ocean and leave them there? Fear not! We have gathered together the most common bridesmaid offenders and have offered possible solutions. Don't go starting up that sailboat just yet!




The One with Dress Issues

This is the oldest bridesmaid problem in the book. She doesn't like the style, color, or material of the dress you've picked out, and she's not afraid of being VERY vocal about it. There is a solution to this and it involves a bit of compromise. If you can get your ladies to at least agree on either the style or color of their dresses, then you can let them choose on the other. Letting your maids feel like they are in some amount of control over what they will be wearing will usually diffuse most anxieties before they get out of control.



The One with Money Problems

Weddings are expensive affairs, and the bridesmaid's portion is nothing to be taken lightly. If you are choosing unreasonably priced dresses and wedding locations, you're going to hear some grumbles about money. Make sure you are taking into account your bridesmaids situations. Are they students, single-income household, etc? Once you have considered this information, determine your bridesmaids budgets and plan accordingly. If you are still getting complaints, try to determine whether or not you can help cover a bit of the cost of someone's dress if their participation is important enough to you.


The Complainer

She doesn't like the dress. She’s too busy to help you plan. She doesn't like the other bridesmaids. She has too much stress in her life to worry about your wedding too. What if you're saddled with a bridesmaid who won't stop complaining? First, sit down and have a talk with her to find out if there's a reason for this. Maybe you two are close and she is sad over "losing" you to your hubby. If you're still not able to hash things out, then ask her as politely as you can if she wants to resign her duties as bridesmaid and ask someone else.


If you are going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty



The One Who Doesn't Get Along

If you unfortunately have a couple of bridesmaids who are not getting along, then stress not. This is pretty common and there are steps you can take to ensure that an all-out cat fight does not occur. First, if the issue is just that your maids are not familiar enough with one another then just organize a little ladies night out at a bar or club. They can have a few cocktails, let their hair down, and really get to know each other. If the problem is that they just don't like each other, try getting together with them for logistics separately on different days. You can also try seating them farther apart at functions like rehearsal dinners, and showers, etc.



The One Who Doesn't Pull Her Weight

What if one of your bridesmaids is not quite measuring up in terms of her moral support or willingness to help with certain tasks? First, ask yourself or her if there's a reason she doesn't seem interested in helping. Maybe your wedding has stirred some negative emotions in her life based on past experiences.

Once you've had a chance to talk all that over and she is STILL not pulling her weight, then it's time to have a chat. As nicely as you can, communicate your needs and give her a few simple tasks to see if she can handle them. If things are still not working out, then remember it is YOUR special day and you can replace anyone in your bridal party if it's not working out.



Bridesmaids Movie Scene

That's it brides-to-be! Are you having bridesmaid drama? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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