Fall 2015 Wedding Flower Trends

Is your wedding date somewhere between now and December 22nd? Then you have the distinction of planning a fall wedding! This 2015, fall weddings are going to be all about edibles, naturals, copper and crowns. Check out our fall 2015 wedding flower trends.

English Influence

Brides are choosing more softly-colored blooms that reflect the soft, lovely tones of the English garden and countryside. Pretty pastels, soft roses, and hanging wild flowers in bottles are all making bold statements this year. Add a touch of light dew, and you have yourself a perfect English garden wedding.
Fall Flowers
(found on 100layercake.com)

Copper Craze

Fall 2015 weddings are going to be saturated with the rustic sheen of copper.  From copper flower pots, to copper-dipped blooms in bouquets, this decorative metal is becoming all the rage for fall. We love this copper-flower adorned ivory cake found on PeterLovesJane.com:
Copper Cake

Just Picked from the Woodland

If you're having a fall wedding, we can't think of anything more autumn-inspired than the woodland. Twigs, moss, leaves, or even acorns can be used to embellish your centerpieces, arch, and bridal bouquet to create this freshly-picked-from-the-wild feel. Thanks to the popular rustic trend that just doesn't want to go anywhere, this woodland twist will be seen more and more towards the end of 2015.
Woodland trend


Savvy brides are now relishing the wearable flower crown. Originally inspired by Grecian tradition to honor the gods at special occasions, modern flower crowns are worn at weddings to symbolize love, fertility, and celebration. The larger floral crowns of the past are turning into more understated, delicate floral headpieces in 2015. Flower-adorned hair combs, clips and pins are also starting to show up, and bloom-infused jewelry is taking over for the more traditional corsages and boutonnieres.
Flower Crown


Martha Stewart Weddings had a recent feature on farmer-florists. Thanks to this and the rock-steady popularity of outdoor/rustic weddings, the farm-to-table trend is huge this year. This locally-grown mentality can not only influence the bridal bouquet, but also the arch and reception table centerpieces. This is the perfect trend for any eco-savvy couples or even couples who just want to give back to their community.
Farmer Florist

Fall Fruits

Expect to see more decorators incorporating fall fruits to their pieces. Adding apples, squashes, and pumpkins to the buffet tables, or even using them as centerpiece elements can add that special touch of fall you're looking for. Also, try adding a pomegranate and maybe some blueberries to the bridal bouquet to get that autumn feeling.
Fall Fruits

Eucalyptus Greenery

This trend is taking fall 2015 by storm. Not only is it a beautiful filler to floral pieces, but it's relatively inexpensive if you're budget conscientious, and there are unique varieties to satisfy your needs. The seeded variety looks especially stunning when hanging and paired with darker, jewel-toned flowers like calla lilies or ranunculuses. The silver dollar variety is a gorgeous, dusty shade of green that pairs well with pinks, neutrals, or even looks good on its own, running down the center of a table.
Eucalyptus Greenery
That's all for now brides! Do you think there are any fall 2015 flower trends we might have missed? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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