April's Alluring Box Has Arrived

Hi there, bride babes. We hope that despite the overwhelming nature of these unprecedented times, you are staying as safe and healthy as possible. A good way to cope with stress and reconnect with your physical and mental health is to spend more time outdoors with nature, and we would be willing to bet that a lot of you are already doing that. Your backyard is getting a lot more usage, and your dogs are getting a lot more walks, are we right? The Bride Box is back with another amazing collection that includes some goodies that we hope will help you with your outdoor adventures or even with your special day, whenever it rolls around.


Each month, The Bride Box curates specialized goodies that are just for gals like you: Future brides who are dedicated to not only planning their nuptials but also pampering themselves as they deserve.


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Without further ado, here is your April edition of The Bride Box, revealed:


 White Bride Baseball Hat

When you're outdoors, trying to break away from the quarantine, walking your dogs, working in the garden, or working on your wedding tan, it helps to have a way to protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun. Enter your brand-spanking new "Bride" baseball cap. It's made from cotton, so it will not only feel comfortable, but it will also be super absorbent in those sweaty summer months. Plus, you can always let it tag along with you during your honeymoon. Snap a selfie with #thebridebox (Don't forget the "the") so we can see you rocking your bride hat vibes!

Blue Bride Tote


We are all doing a lot more social-distance-style exercising with friends these days. Wouldn't it be great to have a handy tote to keep all your workout swag in? Well, now you do. Your new Carolina Blue "Bride" tote is big enough to hold everything you need if you're going to work out or just going to work. There is an inner pocket and an outer one, so you can stash a water bottle or any other little wedding planning goodies in there. It also has a roomy main compartment, making it the perfect honeymoon companion.

Groom & Bride Koozies

Snug as a bug in a rug, but still cold. That's what your drinks will be in your new couples koozies. These drink holders are made with collapsible foam, so they are durable but stretchable. Plus, they won't take up space in your kitchen drawers. Use your new koozies while you are in the back yard relaxing. Or you can rock your Bride koozie at your bachelorette party while your honey can rock his Groom koozie at his bachelor shindig. They will also give you a great cheers photo-op at the wedding reception.


PRO TIP: If you don't drink a lot of canned beverages, you can always use your koozies to hold the toiletries in your bathroom like shaving creams, soaps, and ointments. You can also use them to protect glassware when moving into a new home.

Pearl Cinderollies

Walking around all day in your beautiful wedding shoes might be a little rough, and Cinderollies is here to save your soles. After the wedding, you're going to want to change into some flats so you can mingle with your wedding guests, party hard on the dance floor, and feel just like a Disney princess while doing it. These Cinderollies ballet flats are going to be your new best friend. They're dainty, metallic, and the best part is they roll up and fit in their own zip-up bag, so they could not be more portable.


PRO TIP: They're also good for when you're stuck in quarantine, cleaning and singing love songs. (We don't judge.)

Illuminati Sponge


Every bride needs a good beauty blender-style makeup sponge, and Illuminati Cosmetics has one of the best ones out there. These sponges are going to help you get your foundation, BB or CC cream to look more natural, less cakey, and streak-free. You can use your new cosmetic sponge for your everyday quarantine look, or you can even use it on your special day to give your wedding look some extra fine-tuning. Simply wet sponge, squeeze out the water, apply your makeup, and start dabbing. We cannot WAIT to see selfies of your before and after looks!


PRO TIP: After wetting or submerging your sponge with water, use a towel to extract some of the excess water.


That's it for the April edition of The Bride Box! We hope you love your bridal goodies just as much as we enjoyed putting them together. We would love to see selfies of you with all your bridal swag. In fact, did you know that we hold a monthly contest? Share photos of you with your bridal goodies, (be sure that your profile is set to public AND that you tag @thebridebox and #thebridebox or we won’t be able to see it) and you could be featured on our social media pages AND win a free month of The Bride Box! Be sure to follow us at @thebridebox so you don’t miss out on other content like special offers, sneak peeks, contests, and more. That’s all for now bride babes. Please stay safe and healthy, and we'll see you back in May!


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