10 Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Hey brides! We've compiled a list of 10 unique wedding guest book ideas we think you'll love! These ideas are fresh, unique, and are bound to impress your guests and get them talking.


#1: Game Board Pieces

Ladies, why not dust off some of those old board games and put them to use at your wedding? Your guests can help you "build" memories with an old Jenga or Giant Tumble Tower set, by signing and constructing the pieces. Check out this fun set up: (photo: LOA Studios)


Game Pieces

#2: Custom Art

One of the best things about the Etsy age is that you don’t have to know any good artists. There is an absolute bevy of brilliant creators, just waiting to custom design almost anything for you. Find one whose work you like and commission them for an illustration of your choice. You can have your guests sign certain elements within the piece. We love this bee thumbprint idea, taken from etsy seller Bleu De Toi:

Custom wedding book


#3 Polaroids

This concept might be older, but we still don't see it many weddings, which makes it a lasting, unique wedding guest book idea. This is not the cheapest guest book option, but if you have the extra wiggle room in your budget, it will be well worth it. Not only will you have signatures and advice from your loved ones, but also a snapshot in time that you can relish for the rest of your lives together. Photo: weddingdecor.sg



#4 Postcards

Nothing says, "Greetings from happily-married land!" more than a postcard guest book. Display a box or suitcase full of various cards for your guests to choose from. You could set up a washing line and have guests hang them after signing, or provide a mailbox, so they can "mail" them to the bride and groom as seen in this photo from sweetchicevents.com



#5 Typewriter

Planning a vintage wedding? It doesn't get more vintage than a typewriter guest book. Have your friends and family type out a message for you, either of love, well wishes, or sage advice using one of these historically-significant machines. Get bonus vintage points by setting up on an antique desk, complete with lamp and feather quills. Check out this photo (found on Pinterest) for inspiration:



#6 Paper Hearts Frame

If sweet chic is more your flavor, then consider assembling a paper hearts picture frame. Let each guest spill whatever is in their hearts onto tiny paper versions. If you think hearts are a little played out, maybe try leaves or something similar. We love this creation from Etsy seller PrettyProposal:

Paper Tree


#7 Mad Libs

If you are planning a more light-hearted wedding, then how about giving out Mad Libs? You can get super creative with these and provide everyone at the wedding with hours of entertainment. This design from JenezeDesigns.com, is just one of the many options out there for this hilarious activity:



#8 Keys

Everyone seems to have an idea of what makes a happy marriage. Asking your guests to document theirs onto little bronze keys is a good way to capture this wisdom. Just attach small cards and keys with a piece of ribbon and ask guests to sign and drop them in a glass jar, or have them hanging from a centerpiece of your choosing, like this tree, found on danademille.weebly.com.



#9 Guitar

Imagine you and your husband, sitting by the fireplace on your umpteenth anniversary while he plays you sweet songs on the acoustic guitar that everyone signed at your wedding. Does it get any more special than that? The concept couldn't be easier. All you need to provide is the guitar, and then sit back, and wait for the guests paint it with good intentions. Check out this beauty, seen on Bespoke-Bride.com:



#10 Globe

This one is our favorite alternative guest book idea. It's unique, elegant, classical, and perfect for you and your fiance if traveling is on your horizon. Guests can not only sign it, but also leave traveling tips from their own experiences. Plus, it's a wonderful addition to almost any room in your home. This globe, from Weddbook.com makes us want to go EVERYWHERE!



We hope you found some inspiration for your special day! What unique wedding guest book will you have at YOUR wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!

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