10 Unique Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

Newsflash: Not everyone likes cake. It sounds like blasphemy, but it's true. Of course, you are welcome to stick with tradition and have the lovely cake of your heart's desire, but these days, it's not absolutely required. More and more couples are choosing to forgo the usual multi-tiered beast in favor of something that is more unique and fits their personality. Check out our top 10 Unique Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake: These gorgeous pink and blue cotton-candy ice cream shots will be a highlight for guests and provide plenty of photographic inspiration:


cotton-candy ice cream shots



[credit: SugarAndCloth.com] This charming cake that refrains from climbing into the usual multi-tiered style, and stays grounded with one layer and topped with plump, fresh berries:
10 Unique Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake
[photo credit: Lauren Michelle; cake by: Pasticceria Dolce Sosta in Pienza] This pretty pink display that brings the joy of the ice cream social to a wedding:
ice cream sundae bar
[credit: Emily Clack Photography] These creative shot glasses made from cookies, and filled with delicious, cold milk, that will make your guests instantly salivate:
cookie shot glasses
[food design: Kim Stoegbauer of The TomKat Studio; photo credit: Rennai Hoefer of Ten22 Studio] This donut food truck that proves donuts are the new cupcakes, and will surely keep your guests sugared up for the night:
donut food truck
[credit: Laura Gordon Photography] This mini waffle station, complete with toppings, that takes advantage of everyone's love of breakfast for dessert.
mini waffle station
[credit: One Sweet Appetite] This eloquent tree of mini pies, that will not only give your guests the sweetness they crave, but will also allow them to portion control: 
tree of mini pies
[Pies by: Tara Guerard; photo: TaraGuerardSoiree.com] This multi-tiered macaroon tower that will draw guests in with its lovely color:
multi-tiered macaroon tower
[credit: one love photo] These rose-shaped beauties that are cut from apples, wrapped in puff pastry, and dusted with powdered sugar are sure to impress every guest at the wedding:
apples wrapped in puff pastry
[credit: Cooking With Manuela @ CookingWithManuela.blogspot.com]
Are you forgoing the wedding cake in lieu of something more unique? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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