10 Types of Wedding Guests

You know them. You love them (well, some of them maybe.) Waiting in the wings to provide you with laughs, or just plain embarrass themselves. Either way, it makes for great entertainment. Get ready to enjoy the show ladies! Check out our list of 10 types of wedding guests:

The Crazy Aunt

She's kooky, she's judgmental, and she's decided to ignore the doctor's orders and mix alcohol with her prescriptions. Look out everyone, here comes crazy Auntie Brenda. This gal will provide your guests with some unexpected entertainment, but you might want to give her with a shiny distraction to keep her somewhat under control.
10 types of wedding guests
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Dancing Guy

Slightly handsome, sweaty, and possibly shirtless, he's the dancing guy and he's a fixture at every wedding from Long Island to San Francisco. He's probably gonna embarrass himself and possibly you, but he's usually necessary to get things going on the dance floor.
dancing guy
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The Lurkers

It might be a couple o' gal pals, or it might just be a broheim out on the prowl. Either way, they're single, ready to mingle, and they're lurking around every guest at your wedding...just try to keep them away from your parents.
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The Under-Dressed

He rolled in late to the wedding with some excuse, and he's got the lame wardrobe to back it up. Clothed in cotton, draped in denim, or sheathed in shorts, this guy's here to be one the more hilarious focal points of the evening.
under-dressed guy
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The Amateur Photographer

They're discussing the differences in frame rate and pixels between the iPhone 5 and 6 cameras while furiously snapping pictures of your wedding in increasingly uncomfortable and contorted positions. They are the photographer you didn't hire, but they think maybe you should've.
The Amateur Photographer
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The Moocher

They've starved themselves all day in anticipation of their free wedding dinner, and they've piled their plates mile-high with their buffet bounty. Good thing you ordered that extra round of food.
The Moocher
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The Moody Grandmother

Her back hurts, she's used to eating earlier, she doesn't approved of the music, and she's not afraid to let everyone know about it. You know her, you love her, she's the oh-so-lovely, yet oh-so-cantankerous moody grandmother.
The moody grandmother
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Gossip Girl

Want to know the REAL reason Jared and Stacey broke up, or why Candice seems to be flirting with every guy at the wedding even though her Facebook page says she's in a relationship with John? Ask your resident gossip girl. She's there with her Samsung Sidekick, and she's typing away furiously.
Gossip Girl

The Drunk

This guy looks for any excuse to get loaded, and what better excuse in the world than a wedding with an open bar? Luckily, he's one of your oldest friends, and he's a "fun drunk" that will create some of the best wedding stories.
The Drunk
[source: wordpress]

The 3 Sisters

They say 3 is a magic number, and that's never more true than on a wedding reception. Whether they're yours or your hubby's sisters, they're out there, destroying that dance floor, and the party don't stop till they say so.
dancing girls
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Who do you think out of our 10 types of wedding guests will show up at your wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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