10 Stunning Spring 2016 Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations should entrance and excite your intended wedding guests. The spell should burst out of the envelope and work its magic on the recipient with the promise of good times on a crisp, spring day. These are just some of our favorite 10 stunning Spring 2016 wedding invitations:


1. These printable spring blossom invites will tease your guests with a floral peak into what's in store for them at your wedding:

10 Stunning Spring 2016 Wedding Invitations


[Photo via: LiaGriffith.com]

2. These lovely, romantic peach flower invites evoke a nostalgic, Victorian feel with its intricate, laser-cut lace:


romantic peach flower invites


[photo via ElegantWeddingInvites.com]

3. These bold, richly-pigmented wonders will entice any ladies who see them into gladly attending your bridal shower:


bridal show invitation



[Photo via StellarDesignsPro.etsy.com]

4. These darling invites from Etsy seller VintageBellsAndCo reminds us of those quaint illustrations from books of the 60s and 70s:



Spring wedding invitation


[photo via: VintageBellsAndCo.etsy.com]

5. Etsy seller ForLovePolkaDots knows that nothing says Spring more than the combination of bright yellow and elegant lace:


yellow and lace spring wedding invite


[photo via: ForLovePolkaDots.etsy.com]

6. These succulent invites from Etsy seller EdenWeddingStudio will give your spring wedding the initial floral pop it needs:


succulent invites



[photo via: EdenWeddingStudio.etsy.com]

7. These exquisite, gold-glitter lined envelopes with glitter-band wrapped invites will give your guests the proper motivation:


gold-glitter lined envelopes


[photo via: JustInviteMe.com]

8. This minimalist design that includes gold embossed lettering and a lovely Serenity-colored envelope are sure to impress:


gold embossed lettering


[photo via: JustInviteMe.com]

9. Set a bohemian tone for your bohemian wedding with these beauties from Etsy seller PaperNPeonies:


bohemian wedding invitation


[photo via: PaperNPeonies.etsy.com]

10. These soft and delightful invites will summon your guests with the power of Pantone's colors of the year, Rose Quartz & Serenity:


Rose Quartz & Serenity wedding invitation


[photo via: SwoonAtTheMoon.co.uk]


What will your spring wedding invitations look like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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