10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding

Kids are cuckoo. That's just a fact. Some people choose to have a kid-free wedding, and with the wiled coyote antics of those little bundles of energy, it's easy to sympathize. We invite you to consider the alternative of inviting those balls of sunshine to bask in your wedding bliss glow, and crank that reception into high gear. Here are 10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding:


1. Little miss wedding and chill:

wedding dress and chill


(via Tumblr)
2. This adorableness with a monkey on his back:
10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding
(mark janzen photography)
3. This guy, who's demonstrating his sweet crunch-style moves on the dance floor:
kid dancing
(via Mashable.com)
4. "I know you guys are trying to get married and everything, but Mickey says it's time for swimming:"
funny flower girl photo
(Abby Photography)
5. Somebody crown this guy "King of the Dance Floor" already:
kid dancing at wedding
(via YouTube)
6. This guy who's "breakin" hearts:
break dancing kids
(photo by Brett Maxwell)
7. This kid, doing his best happy dance:
kid dancing in photobooth
(Alante Photography)
8. This guy, who's got a Saturday night fever...
Saturday Night Fever dancing
(via Evoke.ie)
9. "Um, I can't marry you right now, I'm busy:"
funny picture of kids
(via Girlschannel.net)
10. These kids that are stayin alive, stayin alive, ah-ha-ah-ha....
funny picture of kids dancing
(Via TeamJimmyJoe.com)
Planning on having a kid-friendly, or kid-free wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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