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Wedding Time Capsule

Wedding Time Capsule

Wedding Time Capsule

Yes, photography is the usual, reliable method we use to capture our best moments and memories, in order to savor them for all time. What if there was an additional, more unique way in which you could save your wedding day bliss? What if there was a way you could keep this bliss secret and sealed until a special anniversary, when you and your husband could unleash it upon yourselves and reminisce together? There is a way, with a wedding time capsule!
Wedding Time Capsule
[photo by Katie Day]


First, you’ll want to determine what kind of time capsule you’re going to have. Is it going to be filled with things that you and your fiance will hand pick and put in together during a romantic ritual? Do you want to have your guests fill it with specified items during the reception? Or, do you want it to be a combination of both? Really, the question is whether you want to be surprised on that future date.
wedding capsule
[photo credit: Love Me Do Photography]

Things to Put Inside:

  • Stuff from the ceremony and reception like an invitation, the program, etc.
  • A copy of your wedding vows.
  • Sealed letters to each other about your love and excitement, etc.
  • A CD or flash drive of songs from the reception or songs that are popular on the radio at that time (this will be especially interesting if you are picking a date that is far in the future.)
  • A bottle of wine to celebrate with when you open the box.
  • A copy of a publication (newspaper, topical magazine, etc) from the date you are sealing the capsule on.

Things For Guests to Put Inside:

  • Memories or Anecdotes from when they first spent time with you as a couple, or how and when they knew you were perfect for each other, etc
  • Have them fill out postcards or something similar with advice and wisdom that they think will help you either 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now.
  • Provide them with a digital camera (does not have to be expensive, as long as it takes decent pictures and can connect to a computer via USB) to take goofy pictures with during the reception. This will provide you with your entertainment when going through the capsule.

guestbook time capsule

[photo credit: Red Gallery Photo]


For your container, you should choose something that is big enough to house a bottle of wine, if you are including one. If you have chosen to forgo the wine and are putting mostly paper items into your capsule, you can go with a decorative glass bottle. This will give a sophisticated, future-message-in-a-bottle feel to your capsule. Just make sure the bottle is padded by something and safe from breakage. If you need more room, then try a larger, wooden chest-type box. You can find one with a clasp and lock, or nail it shut together when the time is right.
Wooden time capsule box
[wedding capsule from Etsy seller TheCarpentersD]

Important Note!

If one or both of you aren’t very good at being patient or have an insatiable curiosity, then it is very important that you give your capsule over to a loved one for safe keeping. We would recommend a family member, or an extremely close friend. Just make sure it’s someone you know will be in your life on the chosen future date and someone who is responsible enough to keep it safe and not look inside!
What are you putting in YOUR wedding capsule? Tell us about it in the comment section below.
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2015 Winter Wedding Trends

hanging wedding elements

2015 Winter Wedding Trends

Greetings you beautiful brides! Here at The Bride Box, we’ve analyzed Pinterest, catalogs, and magazines, to bring you a rundown of the hottest trends for winter weddings this year. We hope this helps you in your quest for the ultimate wedding style!

Gorgeous Greenery

This trend is hot right now, and it’s also a budget saver. If you can incorporate more greenery into your wedding, then you’ll need fewer flowers, and therefore bring your overall cost down. If you don’t mind a splash of red in the center of your greenery, consider Holly. If you’re just sticking with the green, then pine, fir, cedar, and eucalyptus all look and smell like winter and will give your wedding that outdoor texture that ties it all together.
2015 Winter Wedding Trends
[Diana Marie Photography]

White, Silver & Blue

There is something about this divine color combination that lends itself so well to both vintage/classic style weddings and modern ones. White & silver in conjunction with light blues are nothing new to the winter wedding world, but we are seeing more and more brides starting to use dark blues in order to give those whites and silvers added pop. If you are planning a starry-night wedding, this works perfectly.
winter wedding trends
[Bespoke Events London]

Dramatic Crowns

2015 has been the year of the bridal crown, and winter will be no exception. We are starting to see brides go more over-the-top and dramatic with the look. This winter will show lots of winter-seasonal elements worked into the crown design. Wreath-style will be top dog, with either white and silver coloring or deep red blooms interlaced with lush winter greenery. We love this crown by Lace + Lilies:
dramatic floral crowns
[Candice Benjamin Photography]

Hanging Elements

From lights and flowers, to lamps and greenery, hanging elements are all the rage this winter. Not only does hanging decor create a soft, ethereal feel but also provides the added bonus of saving space. Outside, nighttime wedding ceremonies will showcase hanging string lights and quaint, vintage lanterns in order to evoke a fantasy-novel feel. As for receptions, we are seeing lots of that winter greenery hanging in baskets and fixtures over the tables.
hanging wedding elements
[Tim Coulson Photography]

Wool & Yarn Wrapped Bouquets

This winter will see a lot of yarn and warm-fabric (such as wool) wrapped bridal bouquets. This method keeps not only your bouquet warm and cozy, but also adds to the seasonal charm. Our Pinterest boards are flooded with photos of bouquets that are filled with white or neutral blooms, and wrapped with a splash of colored yarn such as blues and reds. We are also seeing bouquets that are cinched with a small amount of wool and clasped with quaint little buttons.
wool and yarn wrapped bouquets
[bouquet by Ann’s Flowers]  [Michelle Zerr Photography]

Twigs & Branches

What better way to elicit a winter spell than with twigs and branches? This is also a great money-saving trend, as filling out your decor with non-floral elements will cut the need for and cost of flowers. Silver spray-painted twigs made into elegant centerpieces will be popular, as will small branches with tiny string lights weaved into them. Some innovative caterers are also starting to embellish their minimalist cakes with twigs elements, like this one by Greg Marsh Designer Cakes:
twig and branch wedding elements
[photo taken from]
What trends do you think will be popular this winter? Let us know in the comment section below!