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12 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Manicures

Simple Pastel manicure

12 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Manicures

Your bridal manicure should be something that reflects your personal style, while at the same time complimenting the fashion, decor, and overall style and theme of your wedding. Whether you are going for simple monochrome or bedazzled flare, here are our favorite 12 gorgeous Spring wedding manicures to help you get inspired:

1. Spring Floral

Spring floral nails
[photo via]

2. Barely There

12 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Manicures
[photo by bonbonniere_nail via Instagram]

3. Matte & Bedazzled

Matte And bedazzled nails
[photo by KatyStraw via Instagram]

4. Simple Pastel

Simple Pastel manicure
[photo via]

5. Typographic Sentiment

I Do embellished manicure
[photo via]

6. Heart’s Desire

Heart manicure
[photo by a.lexsus via Instagram]

7. Silver Framed

Silver metallic manicure
[photo by Narina Chan]

8. Simple Peach

Simple peach manicure
[photo via]

9. Mauve Maven

Mauve nails
[photo via Beauty There]

10. Taupe & Sparkle

Sparkly nails
[photo by ShoreToPleaseWeddings via Instagram]

11. Rose Quartz & Serenity

Rose Quartz & Serenity manicure
[Seen on]

12. Radiant Ring Finger

Embellished manicure
[photo by Ricota Nao Derrete]

How will you be doing your nails on your wedding day? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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10 Charming Ways to Surprise Your Groom

Tender Tie

10 Charming Ways to Surprise Your Groom

In modern society, it is a given that the guy is supposed to surprise the gal. Popping the big question at your favorite restaurant, throwing that surprise 30th-birthday party, showing up at your door with flowers and a chick flick when you’ve had a bad day, etc. Why not take the opportunity to turn the tables and surprise HIM on your big day? Show him that you too, are skilled in the art of the unexpected and shower him with a secret attack of sentiment. Here are 10 charming ways to surprise your groom:

1. Geek Garter

Surprise your sweetheart with a pop culture garter that is specific to his geeky passions like his favorite superhero, video game, tv show, or sports team.
10 Charming Ways to Surprise Your Groom
[photo: Something Blue Wedding Photography]

2. Love Letter

Tell him how much he means and how excited you are by crafting a quick, from-the-heart love note. Hide it in his dopp kit, or be extra cute and give it to the flower girl or the ring bearer to give to him when they reach the alter.
Love Letter
[photo: dnk Photography]

3. Message on a Fingernail

We love this clever, sneak attack of putting a tiny message on the polish of your ring finger. When he grabs your left hand and pulls it towards him, watch both his and your eyes well up.
Message on a Fingernail
[photo: Freshly Wed]

4. Lego Links

Everything is awesome indeed! Before the wedding, stash a pair of Lego cufflinks among his belongings. Or better yet, give them to his best man so he can help apply them.
Lego Links
[credit: Michelle Prunty Photography via]

5. Tender Tie

If you are a crafty cat, you can try sewing or embroidering a secret tender message of love on the underside of his tie. He’ll find this as he’s getting dressed, and it’s 100% guaranteed to melt his heart.
Tender Tie
[Janae Shields Photography]

6. Groom Gear

We’ve all heard about wedding survival kits, but those mostly include items for the bride. Why not assemble a groom kit, complete with everything your guy’s gonna need like socks, mints, and maybe a wee bit of alcohol for nerves.
Groom Gear
[credit: ShadesOfPinkPaperBtq]

7. Sentimental Sway

Put together a kick-ass dance routine with your bridesmaids to show him how you move. Dance to some Uptown Funk, Single Ladies, or even a mash-up of some classic dance hits.
Sentimental Sway
[photo: Craig Warga Photography]

8. Emotional Engraving

Get his wedding band engraved on the down low. Write your own inscription, because it will be more special that way. Keep it short, simple, and from the heart.
Wedding Band Engraved
[photo: Susan Stripling]

9. Double Take Cake

We are willing to bet that your man is a Star Wars junkie, and that it’s probably at a fever pitch lately with the release of the new film. Have your baker hide a Star Wars design in the back of the cake, and watch his eyes gleam like lightsabers!
Star Wars Cake
[cake design: Julia Baker; photo:]

10. Lingerie

Nothing delightfully surprises a newly-wed groom more than a little something special on your wedding night. Wow him with some new lingerie that you think he would love and spoil yourself at the same time.
[photo: Claire Pettibone lingerie]
How are you planning on surprising YOUR groom? Tell us about it in the comment section below.
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Wedding Time Capsule

Wedding Time Capsule

Wedding Time Capsule

Yes, photography is the usual, reliable method we use to capture our best moments and memories, in order to savor them for all time. What if there was an additional, more unique way in which you could save your wedding day bliss? What if there was a way you could keep this bliss secret and sealed until a special anniversary, when you and your husband could unleash it upon yourselves and reminisce together? There is a way, with a wedding time capsule!
Wedding Time Capsule
[photo by Katie Day]


First, you’ll want to determine what kind of time capsule you’re going to have. Is it going to be filled with things that you and your fiance will hand pick and put in together during a romantic ritual? Do you want to have your guests fill it with specified items during the reception? Or, do you want it to be a combination of both? Really, the question is whether you want to be surprised on that future date.
wedding capsule
[photo credit: Love Me Do Photography]

Things to Put Inside:

  • Stuff from the ceremony and reception like an invitation, the program, etc.
  • A copy of your wedding vows.
  • Sealed letters to each other about your love and excitement, etc.
  • A CD or flash drive of songs from the reception or songs that are popular on the radio at that time (this will be especially interesting if you are picking a date that is far in the future.)
  • A bottle of wine to celebrate with when you open the box.
  • A copy of a publication (newspaper, topical magazine, etc) from the date you are sealing the capsule on.

Things For Guests to Put Inside:

  • Memories or Anecdotes from when they first spent time with you as a couple, or how and when they knew you were perfect for each other, etc
  • Have them fill out postcards or something similar with advice and wisdom that they think will help you either 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now.
  • Provide them with a digital camera (does not have to be expensive, as long as it takes decent pictures and can connect to a computer via USB) to take goofy pictures with during the reception. This will provide you with your entertainment when going through the capsule.

guestbook time capsule

[photo credit: Red Gallery Photo]


For your container, you should choose something that is big enough to house a bottle of wine, if you are including one. If you have chosen to forgo the wine and are putting mostly paper items into your capsule, you can go with a decorative glass bottle. This will give a sophisticated, future-message-in-a-bottle feel to your capsule. Just make sure the bottle is padded by something and safe from breakage. If you need more room, then try a larger, wooden chest-type box. You can find one with a clasp and lock, or nail it shut together when the time is right.
Wooden time capsule box
[wedding capsule from Etsy seller TheCarpentersD]

Important Note!

If one or both of you aren’t very good at being patient or have an insatiable curiosity, then it is very important that you give your capsule over to a loved one for safe keeping. We would recommend a family member, or an extremely close friend. Just make sure it’s someone you know will be in your life on the chosen future date and someone who is responsible enough to keep it safe and not look inside!
What are you putting in YOUR wedding capsule? Tell us about it in the comment section below.
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DIY or Not to DIY

DIY or Not to DIY

DIY projects can help save money and add a little more sentiment to your big day, but they come with much added time and sometimes added stress. We think that DIY projects, big or small help make your handcrafted wedding even more unique and personalized. Figure out what types of DIY projects you want to try out by measuring the time and cost of each project. Are you really going to save money, or if you are saving money, is the savings really worth the time commitment?

DIY or not to DIY

These questions should help you decide how involved you would like to be in your own DIY projects. Remember to start small with projects that are close to your skill set of craftiness. If you don’t believe us, check out some Pinterest Fails here and have a good laugh. Remember that planning a wedding is stressful enough & almost a full time job for many brides to be. Don’t add more stress than you can handle!

  • Are you a hands on bride? You know that every tiny detail will be better and more authentic if it’s YOUR creation.
  • Are you on a tight budget but don’t want to skimp out on little details? Every bride has a budget, some budgets just have a few more zero’s than others.
  • Are you over the top sentimental? You love handmade details from someone special in your life.
  • Are you even slightly a crafty bride? You would be surprised about the amazing projects you can create with just a hint of creativity.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to consider DIY projects for your wedding.

Some questions to as yourself before beginning any DIY project:

How much time is this project going to take me? Some simple decorations could take a few hours, where as wedding favors for 200 guests could take weeks or even months to finish.
Will it cost more to buy supplies for the project rather than order on my own? If you aren’t a heavy crafter there are lots of supplies to consider: ink, card stock, an exact knife, cutting board & cutting tools, stamps, fabric, etc. These items are not cheap and sometimes buying items from scratch can cost even more than buying the item from a seasoned pro.
Is this project within my skill set? Go back to Epic Pinterest Fail & have a good laugh and do-over.
What is the sentimental value of this project? Even if it costs more and takes longer – a lot of time the sentimental value is there & well worth it.

The Bride Box is excited to announce that starting with our one year anniversary box this May we will be including a monthly DIY tutorial in every edition of The Bride Box from different bloggers that we love and wish to share with our brides! Subscribe to The Bride Box today at to start receiving the best wedding tips and gifts from our wedding experts every month.

Use code DIYBRIDE to save $10 off your first month of The Bride Box!

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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentines Day Gift IdeasValentines Day is tomorrow and you still haven’t thought of a gift? Not to worry! These are some quick and creative ideas to do or give to your special someone.

Breakfast in bed: start off the holiday right with their favorite breakfast made by you! It’s always fun to make things in a shape of a heart like pancakes, too.

Handmade card: a great way to express how you feel about yours truly is to read something from the heart.

Photo album: Gather up your favorite photos of the two of you and make a personalized photo album. There are a tons of ideas online to get inspired.

Romantic dinner for two: plan out a menu and make a homemade meal that your significant other will love.

Favorite Things Basket: think of their favorite items and put it together in a nice little basket. For example, a cologne/perfume, picture of you two framed, gift card to their favorite store, include candy they love, and more.

We can go on and on with more ideas, but we would love to know what other ideas would you add to this list? Make sure to leave your comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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