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10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding

funny picture of kids

10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding

Kids are cuckoo. That’s just a fact. Some people choose to have a kid-free wedding, and with the wiled coyote antics of those little bundles of energy, it’s easy to sympathize. We invite you to consider the alternative of inviting those balls of sunshine to bask in your wedding bliss glow, and crank that reception into high gear.

Here are 10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding:

1. Little miss wedding and chill:
wedding dress and chill

(via Tumblr)

2. This adorableness with a monkey on his back:
10 Reasons to Have a Kid Friendly Wedding

(mark janzen photography)

3. This guy, who’s demonstrating his sweet crunch-style moves on the dance floor:
kid dancing


4. “I know you guys are trying to get married and everything, but Mickey says it’s time for swimming:”
funny flower girl photo

(Abby Photography)

5. Somebody crown this guy “King of the Dance Floor” already:

kid dancing at wedding

(via YouTube)

6. This guy who’s “breakin” hearts:

break dancing kids

(photo by Brett Maxwell)

7. This kid, doing his best happy dance:
kid dancing in photobooth

(Alante Photography)

8. This guy, who’s got a Saturday night fever…
Saturday Night Fever dancing


9. “Um, I can’t marry you right now, I’m busy:”
funny picture of kids


10. These kids that are stayin alive, stayin alive, ah-ha-ah-ha….
funny picture of kids dancing


Planning on having a kid-friendly, or kid-free wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!
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10 Wedding Cakes That Give Us The Winter Feels

snowflake wedding cake

10 Wedding Cakes That Give Us The Winter Feels

From simple, naked rustic cakes adorned with berries, to super-frosted and snowflake covered towers of white snow, this winter season we’ve seen some of the most elegant and unique cakes. Below, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite 10 wedding cakes that give us the winter feels. We hope it inspires you to choose a delicious and stylish cake, not to reach for the sweets!

1. This luscious, 6-tier naked cake that’s layered with thick cream and uncut berries reminds us of our childhood homes getting snowed in for the holidays.
10 Wedding Cakes That Give Us The Winter Feels

[Cake: Chawna Dil of Sweet Marie’s; Photo: Dana Grant Photography]

2. This bold beauty reminds us of a Christmas tree with its nature-inspired etchings, gold dustings, and topping of a giant cherry nestled in some winter greenery.

wedding cake inspiration

[cake: The Sugar Lab; Photo: Arina Borodina]

3. This white wonder, wrapped in lace and dolloped with flowers and greenery transports us to a divine winter wonderland.
winter wedding cake

[Cake: Création Boule Argent; Photo: Genevieve Albert]

4. This quaint tower of cuteness that is designed like growth rings on a tree, and topped with baby owls makes us feel like a whimsical woodland creature gathering around a large wooden tree trunk for winter dinner.
winter wedding cake ideas

[Cake: Artisan Cake Comapny; Photo:  Hazelwood Photo]

5. This 2-tier concoction that is roughly frosted, topped with three small pinecones, and lightly dusted with “snow” reminds us how special simple holidays can be.
pinecone wedding cake

[Photo: Little White Dress]

6. This red velvet fortress, layered with sweet cream and sprinkled with candy canes makes us feel the tingly warmth that peppermint brings with the holiday season.
Candy cane wedding cake

[Photo: Kate Botwinski Photography]

7. This assortment of barely-frosted towers, surrounded by wreaths, trees, and set on an antique sled, makes us long for Christmas in the woods.
holiday inspired wedding cakes

[Photo: Jacque Lynn Photography]

8. This exquisite sculpture that’s decorated with holly berries, pine cones, and other fine winter elements, tricks us into thinking we are a wondrous snow queen, receiving a magnificent royal gift of sugar.
pinecone cake topper

[Cake:  Once Upon a Cake Co.; Photo: Amber Lynn Photography]

9. This richly-pigmented masterpiece is adorned with bits of snow, winter greenery, and silver-encrusted twigs in order to give us a starkly-modern, dramatic Yuletide sensation.
wedding cake

[Photo via]

10. This snowy-white tower with an argyle pattern etched into the sides and strategically-placed silver snowflakes, makes us feel like Elsa, in her tower made of ice, letting it all go…including our wedding diet.
snowflake wedding cake

[Photo via: The Couture Cakery]


Planning on a winter wedding? Tell us about your cake in the comment section.

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10 Favorite Bridesmaids Dresses

dusty blue mismatched bridesmaids dresses

10 Favorite Bridesmaids Dresses

Selecting your bridesmaid dresses is one of the most stressful endeavors you’ll undertake as a bride-to-be. You want your lovely ladies to be comfortable, stylish, AND complement the wedding theme. You also want to make sure that the style or styles will be flattering to all the different shapes and sizes in your bridal party. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite bridesmaids dresses at the moment. We hope it helps you get inspired:

1. This bohemian ensemble, complete with a patterned maid of honor frock, and flanked by sea-green bridesmaids.

sea-green bridesmaid dresses

[dresses: Katie May; photo: Our Love is Loud]

2. This gorgeous, crepe-material “White by Vera Wang” gown that features a  long V neck and an open back. It also comes in a stunning “VW Champagne” color that is strikingly close to Pantone Color of the Year: Rose Quartz.
White by Vera Wang bridesmaid dress

[found on David’s Bridal]

3. Another vision in Rose Quartz, this “White by Vera Wang” Sleeveless Tulle over Lace Dress is an exercise in elegance.
White by Vera Wang Sleeveless Tulle over Lace Dress

[found on David’s Bridal]

4. These convertible, chiffon dresses by Jenny Woo that mixes light and dark purples shows that you don’t have to sacrifice elegance to have a lovely Boho wedding:
Our 10 Favorite Bridesmaids Dresses

[dresses: Jenny Woo; photo: This Modern Romance]

5. This brilliant idea of a sequined crop top paired with a chiffon maxi skirt.
sequined crop top with chiffon skirt

[found on Ok Bridal]

6. This rose quartz wavy cropped dress by Vera Wang gets our vote for most unique bridesmaid dress of the year:
rose quartz wavy cropped dress by Vera Wang

[from David’s Bridal]

7. These elegant beauties who are pulling off the mismatched dress trend like it ain’t no thing:
mismatched bridesmaids dresses

[photo: Love Like Weddings]

8. These dusty blue mismatched bridesmaids dresses compliment the pretty pop of white in the bridal bouquets:
dusty blue mismatched bridesmaids dresses

[photo: Marissa Lambert Photography]

9. These nude dresses that make good use of the pattern craze, with the added bonus of metallic sequins:
metallic sequin bridesmaid dresses

[photo: Our Labor of Love]

10. These blush-pink, open-back dresses that gleam and sparkle bright like diamonds:
open back bridesmaids dresses

[photo: Archetype Studio]

What are some of your favorite bridesmaid dresses right now? Tell us about it in the comment section below
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10 Charming Ways to Surprise Your Groom

Tender Tie

10 Charming Ways to Surprise Your Groom

In modern society, it is a given that the guy is supposed to surprise the gal. Popping the big question at your favorite restaurant, throwing that surprise 30th-birthday party, showing up at your door with flowers and a chick flick when you’ve had a bad day, etc. Why not take the opportunity to turn the tables and surprise HIM on your big day? Show him that you too, are skilled in the art of the unexpected and shower him with a secret attack of sentiment. Here are 10 charming ways to surprise your groom:

1. Geek Garter

Surprise your sweetheart with a pop culture garter that is specific to his geeky passions like his favorite superhero, video game, tv show, or sports team.
10 Charming Ways to Surprise Your Groom
[photo: Something Blue Wedding Photography]

2. Love Letter

Tell him how much he means and how excited you are by crafting a quick, from-the-heart love note. Hide it in his dopp kit, or be extra cute and give it to the flower girl or the ring bearer to give to him when they reach the alter.
Love Letter
[photo: dnk Photography]

3. Message on a Fingernail

We love this clever, sneak attack of putting a tiny message on the polish of your ring finger. When he grabs your left hand and pulls it towards him, watch both his and your eyes well up.
Message on a Fingernail
[photo: Freshly Wed]

4. Lego Links

Everything is awesome indeed! Before the wedding, stash a pair of Lego cufflinks among his belongings. Or better yet, give them to his best man so he can help apply them.
Lego Links
[credit: Michelle Prunty Photography via]

5. Tender Tie

If you are a crafty cat, you can try sewing or embroidering a secret tender message of love on the underside of his tie. He’ll find this as he’s getting dressed, and it’s 100% guaranteed to melt his heart.
Tender Tie
[Janae Shields Photography]

6. Groom Gear

We’ve all heard about wedding survival kits, but those mostly include items for the bride. Why not assemble a groom kit, complete with everything your guy’s gonna need like socks, mints, and maybe a wee bit of alcohol for nerves.
Groom Gear
[credit: ShadesOfPinkPaperBtq]

7. Sentimental Sway

Put together a kick-ass dance routine with your bridesmaids to show him how you move. Dance to some Uptown Funk, Single Ladies, or even a mash-up of some classic dance hits.
Sentimental Sway
[photo: Craig Warga Photography]

8. Emotional Engraving

Get his wedding band engraved on the down low. Write your own inscription, because it will be more special that way. Keep it short, simple, and from the heart.
Wedding Band Engraved
[photo: Susan Stripling]

9. Double Take Cake

We are willing to bet that your man is a Star Wars junkie, and that it’s probably at a fever pitch lately with the release of the new film. Have your baker hide a Star Wars design in the back of the cake, and watch his eyes gleam like lightsabers!
Star Wars Cake
[cake design: Julia Baker; photo:]

10. Lingerie

Nothing delightfully surprises a newly-wed groom more than a little something special on your wedding night. Wow him with some new lingerie that you think he would love and spoil yourself at the same time.
[photo: Claire Pettibone lingerie]
How are you planning on surprising YOUR groom? Tell us about it in the comment section below.