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Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Ah winter. For some it is the bringer annoyances like extreme weather and being stuck in your driveway. For others, it is the most fantastic, magical season of the year, and brings wonderful things like snow, hot cocoa, holidays, and icicles. For those of you who have chosen a winter date wedding, why not choose a winter-wonderland theme?
Winter Wonderland Wedding
[photo by Jenny Hess]


With your wedding invitations, the goal is to evoke not only your guest’s desire to attend, but also a warm feeling of winter magic. You don’t necessarily have to use white paper to achieve this effect. Consider black paper with white writing or embellishments. Alternatively, you can go with white or light blue paper with added crystals, sequins, lace, snowflakes, or trees. We love these invitations by Etsy seller ChristinaElizabethD:
Wedding theme wedding invitations


You’ve already decided on a rich and dramatic wedding theme, so your dress can be just as daring. This is a perfect opportunity to wear a wedding dress with long sleeves; practical and fitting for the theme. Thicker, more firm fabrics like tulle and satin would also be on point. Don’t be afraid to incorporate accessories into the finished product as well. Blusher veils, coats, stoles, and crystal headbands will all add the perfect touch to your look.
Winter wedding gown
[from the Temperley London Fall/Winter 2015 collection]


The goal here is to keep your guests feeling warm and satiated, and nothing does that better than a first course of soup. Try a squash or root vegetable based concoction like potato leek or butternut squash. As for the main entree, comfort foods like a gourmet mac and cheese or a juicy fillet can really hit the spot. Try incorporating winter fruits such as cranberry chutney, baked apples, or pears into your side dishes. If you are providing sweet treats in addition to the cake, or if you are boxing up treats for to-go gifts, try this Charred Pear Sorbet with Goat Cheese “Snow” recipe.


Speaking of sweet treats, let’s talk about that cake. A multi-tiered white based cake can be a wonderful canvas for your caterer to create a snowy masterpiece. Try a sprinkling of edible snow with fondant ornaments and snowflakes, or even a cake adorned with silver “tinsel” or sugar-crafted roses. The possibilities here are endless. We love this elegant Jenna Rae wedding cake with silver sparkle layers and white winter flowers:
Jenna Rae wedding cake


Lush and fluffy white roses or ranunculus can make the perfect wonderland statement. Dark blue hydrangeas or dark red tulips can add that dramatic splash of cold color to your mostly-white and silver affair. As for what accents to embellish your flowers with, try adding holly berries, pine cones, baby’s breath, or silver-painted twigs to your bouquets and centerpieces. Check out this winter bridal bouquet by Lydia Jane Floral Studio. Wrapped in wool roving (Wolf Ridge Lamb and Wool Co.) and made with hydrangea, ranunculus, berzillia baubles, and lilac.
winter bridal bouquet
[photo by Alison Lea Photography]


The two main keywords here are: Sparkle and shine! Silver accents, crystals, blue lighting, or ice-blue ribbon accents, will all add to your wonderland spell. If your ceremony is going to be outdoors, utilize any trees nearby to add to your scheme. For the indoor reception, disperse twigs all throughout the area in order to bring that tree feel to the inside. Try scattering tiny decorative crystals over the tables at the reception for that “fresh snowfall” vibe. Lighting will also be key here. Make sure there are candles and lanterns aplenty, and try hanging white or blue string lights for an icicle feel.
winter wedding wonderland
[design by Preston Bailey]  [photo by John Labbe]
What elements are you incorporating into your winter wonderland wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!
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Wedding Flowers: Real vs. Artificial

Artificial Flowers

Wedding Flowers: Real vs. Artificial

Should you use real or artificial flowers in your wedding? This is not a question easily answered, as there are pros and cons to both.  We have outlined what we believe to be the key points to wedding flowers: real vs. artificial, so that making an informed decision is a little easier for you.

Real Flowers



Some say there is nothing quite like the smell and appearance of real, fresh blooms at a wedding. The aromatic ambiance that a real flower creates is usually unmatched; a wonderful feast for the senses. If you are buying in season, they can also be relatively inexpensive, depending on the type of course. If you are using real flowers, it is generally assumed that you are going through a florist, so you will have the added bonus of a professional who is taking care of the nitty gritty so that you don’t have to.


Believe it or not, real wedding flowers can sometimes have a few downsides. The flowers of your dreams might have to be imported, which can obviously cause the price to spike a bit, due to shipping costs. The price can also go up if you are choosing blooms that are out of season. Also, that enchanting aroma that we were talking about earlier, can also be a con. If you have guests with strong allergies, (according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, roughly 7.8% of people 18 and over in the U.S. have hay fever), then this can cause your guests to be extremely uncomfortable, which is the exact opposite effect that you are trying to achieve.
Wedding Flowers Real vs. Artificial
[photo by Yuri Vaysgant]

Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers
[photo by Dotmoxee Photography]


There are actually upsides to using artificial flowers in your wedding. First off, if you are more of a DIY person, then artificial might be your thing. These flowers do not usually come with a florist who is behind the wheel, so you can get your control freak on! The most popular material for these kinds of arrangements is silk, which can look quite beautiful and feel quite soft. Another advantage is that you don’t have to preserve your artificial flowers until the big day, because there is no expiration date for these puppies. Some people don’t realize that you can also add lotions and perfumes to silk flowers to make them smell like the real thing.


Even if you are embellishing your flowers with lotions and perfumes, chances are it’s not going to smell like the real thing and that could be a deal breaker for you. Some of you may not be very creative, and therefore find it more stressful to DIY. If this is your case, then you’ll probably want to opt for real flowers with a florist in charge. Also, if you are choosing silk material and lots of it, then artificial can often times be MORE expensive than real flowers.
Are you using real or artificial flowers in your wedding? Tell us about it in the comments section below!
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Top 12 Unique Weddings Themes for 2016

Snow White wedding theme

Top 12 Unique Weddings Themes for 2016

Are you and your fiance fun, inventive, creative people? Are you looking for some inspiration for a unique wedding theme that is a little different from the usual rustic chic? Check out our top 12 unique wedding themes for 2016 and get inspired!

Star Wars

The upcoming release of The Force Awakens this December has brought Star Wars mania back to an all-time high. We think 2016 will see a lot of Star Wars-themed weddings. May the force be with you, in sickness and in health.
star wars themed wedding
[photo by Lisa Jane Photography via Rock N Roll Bride]

Game of Thrones

Why not theme your wedding around the world’s most popular television show? Make it a gallant, medieval-style celebration and feast, fit for a king. Just make sure it doesn’t turn out like the Red Wedding, am I right?
game of thrones wedding theme
[photo by Mollie Tobias Photography]

Mad Men

Who doesn’t love Mad Men? This is a great opportunity to showcase a very specific era (1960s) in the vintage wedding theme craze.
Top 12 Unique Weddings Themes for 2016
[photo by Esenses Photography]


Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that utilizes elements of the technological and aesthetic designs of the Victorian era to create a look that is quirky, different, and is the very embodiment of geek chic.
steampunk wedding theme
[photo found on Tanis J]


Today’s films and TV shows are flooded with superheros, and it’s because we can’t get enough of them. We love this photo of the bride and her bridesmaids, who took it one step further and got vintage with it!
Superhero wedding theme
[Cat Norman Photography]


From Duck Hunt all the way to Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo has produced some of the most popular video games around and touched the hearts of many a nerd. We love these creative Nintendo cartridge wedding invites found on
Nintendo wedding theme

Snow White

You’ve heard of a Cinderella wedding, sure, but how about a Snow White wedding? Enchant your guests with “poisoned” candied apples, vintage mirror-mirrors on the wall, and your lips, red as rose.
Snow White wedding theme
[photo by Claire Marika Photography]

Beauty and the Beast

Picture your wedding invitations reading “Be Our Guest” and you’ll have the spark of an idea for a Beauty and The Beast wedding. Make sure there are candlesticks, clocks, and teapots a plenty. Plus, it’s a good excuse for an over-the-top ball gown dress.
Beauty and the Beast wedding theme
[photo by Raiya Corsiglia]

Great Gatsby

Another unique twist on the vintage wedding. This 20s era masterpiece of literature is a great opportunity to show off your uniqueness and fashion prowess, complete with pearls, fringe, and feather headdresses.
The Great Gatsby wedding theme
[photo by Mike Larson] [Photographer’s website:]

Harry Potter

Did you think the Harry Potter fever had finally died down? Guess again. With the new release of an illustrated edition of the first book, the Pottermania is back in full force!

Harry Potter wedding theme

[photo by Chris Martin]  [Photographer’s website: ]

School Theme

This wonderfully delightful theme is adorable for any teachers, high-school/college sweethearts, or any people who just plain loved school (they must exist, right?)
School wedding theme
[photo by This Modern Romance ] [Photographer’s website: ]

Starry Night

If you’re having a winter wedding, why not make your theme starry night? This exotic and romantic atmosphere is achieved by having dark hues and undertones splashed with white lights and elements that sparkle.
Starry Night wedding theme
We hope this helps you get creative and inspired! What unique theme are you planning for YOUR wedding? Tell us about it in the comment section below!
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6 Common Wedding Flower Mistakes

wedding florists

6 Common Wedding Flower Mistakes

They say nobody’s perfect. That is especially true when it comes to planning and budgeting for your wedding flowers. This can be one of the most complicated elements to your wedding, so it’s only natural that some mistakes are made. Thankfully, there have been millions of brides who have made a million mistakes already so that you don’t have to. Check out our list for the top 6 common wedding flower mistakes:

Waiting Too Long to Book Your Florist

The high-quality florists tend to get booked up pretty early on in the season, and they have to limit the amount of weddings they take on, so you don’t want to wait too long to schedule your consultations. Plus, giving your florist plenty of time to plan, means that you’re more likely to get the blooms you want.
6 Common Wedding Flower Mistakes
[taken from]

Not Trusting Your Florist

As women, we tend to have a very strong sense of control. This is not always a bad thing, but if you don’t put enough trust into your florist and try to take on too much yourself, this can lead to head-butting and clashes in opinion, which can therefore lead to more stress. Try to relax and let them do what they do best.
wedding florists
[taken from]

Using Strongly Scented Flowers

We know that the temptation to woo your wedding guests with a bold, aromatic presence is strong. However, you need to consider the possibility that many, or at least some of your guests, might be prone to allergies. This will negate that romantic atmosphere you are trying to create.
strongly scented flowers
[taken from]

Not Taking Care of the Flowers

Many brides in the past have been disappointed with the looks of their blooms in photographs. This is because they did not consider the lifespan and needs of the specific flowers they chose. Some flowers are more fragile than others, and this should be taken into consideration when choosing which ones you desire for your wedding.
take care of your wedding flowers

Not Reusing Ceremony Flowers

You can file this mistake under “financial blunders.” The flowers you are using in your ceremony can be re-purposed for your reception. For example, the flowers you are using in the aisles and at the alter, can be moved to your reception buffet table, or even the guest tables. If you are ordering separate flowers for both events, this can add significantly to your expenses.
ceremony flowers
[taken from]

Ruling Out Expensive Flowers

Don’t let the high price tag of certain flowers scare you off. The more expensive the flowers, the bigger they are, and the bigger impact they can make. Orchids, hydrangeas, and peonies are all considered “statement” flowers, and you don’t need to buy too many in order to make that statement.
expensive wedding flowers
[taken from]
[hr] [divider][/hr]
That’s all for now brides. Stay tuned for the next part of our Wedding Flower series: Winter Wedding Flowers, coming soon! Do you have any wedding flower advice? Tell us about it in the comment section below!
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What to Have in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

What to Have in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

What to Have in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

There’s a sudden rip in your pantyhose; the ring bearer spills his grape juice on your dress; you get teary-eyed, causing your eyeliner to run. All of these little scenarios might cause you to feel overwhelmed with anxiety, as though the world were ending. Fear not lovely brides! There is a secret weapon called a bridal emergency kit, that will arm you against any little wedding-day mishaps that might occur. Check out our list of what to have in your wedding emergency kit.


What to Have in Your Wedding Emergency Kit
Painkillers/Allergy Pills: Don’t let that tension headache or allergy attack ruin your day.
Antacid: Because sometimes nerves can get the better of your tummy.
Tampons: Just in case!
Mini First Aid Kit: This is always good to have handy.

Food & Drink

Straws: Don’t ruin that perfectly-applied lipstick, brides!
Granola Bar & Floss: Quite possibly the only thing your stomach will be able to handle. You don’t want anything stuck in your teeth while taking wedding pictures!
Mints: Create that minty fresh magic for your first married kiss.
Alcohol: There is no shame in needing a little liquid relaxation for one of the most nerve-racking days of your life.


wedding day prep
Hair Pins: What is it about stressful situations that makes your hair spike up and fly away? These will tame the little beasts.
Tissues: Your emotions are going to be running rampant, understandably. Make sure you always have some handy to gently blot away those water works.
Tweezers/Mini Scissors/Razor: Tweezers for any splinters (hey, if you’re having a rustic barn wedding, this is very likely to happen!); mini scissors for any facial hairs that you missed the previous night; and a razor for any leg hairs that devilishly decide to sprout up at the last minute.
Baby powder: A lot of brides say they didn’t realize that a certain part of their dress would cause chaffing until the day of the wedding, when they are walking around in it for hours. A little bit of baby powder can combat this.
Deodorant: Your nerves might cause you to sweat a little more than usual. It would NOT hurt to have some backup deodorant.
Lint Roller: This one speaks for itself. Do you wanna glide down the aisle covered in lint?
Make-Up Bag: Include a compact mirror (for last-minute make-up checks; nail file (for last minute nail snags), and concealer (for last minute zits – trust us, it’s a thing.)


wedding day emergencies
Small Sewing Kit: Make sure it is stocked with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins for any last-minute clothing catastrophes.
Clear Nail Polish: For runs in stockings.
Crazy Glue: Just in case one of your heels breaks off, or you have some other embellishment disaster.
White Chalk: This is an age-old secret trick for brides. If you get a last-minute stain on your dress, cover it with a bit of white chalk.
What items are you stocking in YOUR bridal emergency kit? Tell us about it in the comments section below!
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Buffet Style Vs. Plated Wedding Dinner

Buffet Style Vs. Plated Wedding Dinner

Buffet Style Vs. Plated Wedding Dinner

One of the first things you will deal with when planning your reception is the age-old dilemma of a buffet style vs. plated wedding dinner. Which is less likely to break the bank? Which one will make your guests jump with delight and make their glands salivate? Check out our blog for the pros and cons of both options!

Buffet Style

buffet style wedding

With a buffet style dinner, all courses are served on different tables, and guests are invited table by table to come up and serve themselves. There is usually no table plan at a buffet dinner.

Pros: Buffet style usually offers a wide variety of food for your guests so that there’s something for everyone (remember to include a vegetarian main course.) This option will save you a bit of money on the amount of service staff needed. A buffet also provides opportunities for your guests to mingle and warm up to each other before hitting the dance floor for some uptown funk action!

Cons: People usually think that buffets are cheaper than seated dinners with set menus, but that’s not always true. Usually, the caterer will make a lot more food than will be eaten so that it doesn’t run out. Because of this, buffet style dinners can create a lot of wasted food. This arrangement can also get a little crazy and people can end up waiting a while to eat if certain guests are slower at getting their food.

Tips: You can really up the elegance of this option by decorating each buffet table with intricate little details. Present each dish in unique, and beautiful serve-ware and serving utensils. Combine cold and hot dishes with finger food options. You can also include a fresh-cooked option, i.e. having a chef prepare sushi or wok dishes right at the table!

Plated/Served Dinner

Buffet Style Vs. Plated Wedding Dinner

The plated dinner is generally the most traditional of the different dining options for a reception. The Bride and Groom constructs a table plan which gives each guest a place at a particular table (usually denoted by specific associations or circles) and guests are served a 3 or 4 course set menu.

Pros: You will usually save money on the amount of food, because the caterer will know exactly how much to buy based on your numbers. Your guests won’t have to worry about finding a seat or people to sit with, because this is prearranged for them. Also, everyone will be fed around the same time, so hopefully you don’t have too many hungry guests!

Cons: The staff portion of your bill will be a bit higher, as you will need more servers per guests. Since there are fewer options with a pre-planned meal, you might have certain guests who won’t be able to eat everything and might go hungry.

Tips: Give guests at least a couple of options for the main course. Send out a meal choice option with their invitations, so you can get this info to your caterer long before the reception. Avoid any options that might be considered too exotic so you can be more safe.

That’s it for now brides! Are you planning on having a buffet style or plated dinner for your reception? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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Fall 2015 Wedding Flower Trends

Fall 2015 Wedding Flower Trends

Fall 2015 Wedding Flower Trends

Is your wedding date somewhere between now and December 22nd? Then you have the distinction of planning a fall wedding! This 2015, fall weddings are going to be all about edibles, naturals, copper and crowns. Check out our fall 2015 wedding flower trends.

English Influence

Brides are choosing more softly-colored blooms that reflect the soft, lovely tones of the English garden and countryside. Pretty pastels, soft roses, and hanging wild flowers in bottles are all making bold statements this year. Add a touch of light dew, and you have yourself a perfect English garden wedding.
Fall 2015 Wedding Flower Trends
(found on

Copper Craze

Fall 2015 weddings are going to be saturated with the rustic sheen of copper.  From copper flower pots, to copper-dipped blooms in bouquets, this decorative metal is becoming all the rage for fall. We love this copper-flower adorned ivory cake found on
copper-flower adorned ivory cake

Just Picked from the Woodland

If you’re having a fall wedding, we can’t think of anything more autumn-inspired than the woodland. Twigs, moss, leaves, or even acorns can be used to embellish your centerpieces, arch, and bridal bouquet to create this freshly-picked-from-the-wild feel. Thanks to the popular rustic trend that just doesn’t want to go anywhere, this woodland twist will be seen more and more towards the end of 2015.
woodland fall wedding trend


Savvy brides are now relishing the wearable flower crown. Originally inspired by Grecian tradition to honor the gods at special occasions, modern flower crowns are worn at weddings to symbolize love, fertility, and celebration. The larger floral crowns of the past are turning into more understated, delicate floral headpieces in 2015. Flower-adorned hair combs, clips and pins are also starting to show up, and bloom-infused jewelry is taking over for the more traditional corsages and boutonnières.
wearable flower crown


Martha Stewart Weddings had a recent feature on farmer-florists. Thanks to this and the rock-steady popularity of outdoor/rustic weddings, the farm-to-table trend is huge this year. This locally-grown mentality can not only influence the bridal bouquet, but also the arch and reception table centerpieces. This is the perfect trend for any eco-savvy couples or even couples who just want to give back to their community.
farmer-florists trend

Fall Fruits

Expect to see more decorators incorporating fall fruits to their pieces. Adding apples, squashes, and pumpkins to the buffet tables, or even using them as centerpiece elements can add that special touch of fall you’re looking for. Also, try adding a pomegranate and maybe some blueberries to the bridal bouquet to get that autumn feeling.
fruits and floral trend

Eucalyptus Greenery

This trend is taking fall 2015 by storm. Not only is it a beautiful filler to floral pieces, but it’s relatively inexpensive if you’re budget conscientious, and there are unique varieties to satisfy your needs. The seeded variety looks especially stunning when hanging and paired with darker, jewel-toned flowers like calla lilies or ranunculuses. The silver dollar variety is a gorgeous, dusty shade of green that pairs well with pinks, neutrals, or even looks good on its own, running down the center of a table.
Eucalyptus Greenery
That’s all for now brides! Do you think there are any fall 2015 flower trends we might have missed? Please let us know in the comment section below!
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Five Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

five ways to save on wedding flowers

Five Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

Flowers can be one of the biggest expenses in your wedding budget. They are also one of the most important elements to your ceremony and reception, and they can make or break your style. How do you use the beautiful flowers you want while staying within your budget? Check out our five ways to save on wedding flowers so you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance.
five ways to save on wedding flowers

Cut Down on Your Wedding Party & Guest List

First and foremost, you need to whittle down that wedding party and guest list (see our previous blog: How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List for ideas). Once you have those exact figures, including your table numbers, you’ll know how many centerpieces you need. The fewer the tables, the less money you’ll spend.

Cut Down on Large Centerpieces

We know you want to wow your guests with large, striking centerpiece arrangements. However, these centerpieces are the biggest portion of your flower budget, and if you can cut on the amount of them, it can save you tremendously. Try interweaving alternative centerpieces with the floral ones. Fruit, candles, or even stacks of books can make great substitutes.
Book Centerpieces

Consider Your Region and Season

Obviously if you’re buying flowers that are in season during your wedding month, then the cost will be cheaper. (See part 1 of our Wedding Flower Series: Wedding Flowers by Month.) Another thing to consider is your region and climate. If you’re using flowers that thrive in that area, they’ll be strong enough to be repurposed. For example, the bridal-party bouquet can make great decorations for the guest book table, cake table, wedding party table, etc.
bridal bouquet

Trust Your Florist

A lot of brides make the mistake of not trusting their florist and taking on too much DIY themselves. If you have decided to hire a florist you trust, then you should do exactly that. They will know where to get the best deals on buying in bulk. They will also know which cheaper flowers can be doppelgangers for others that are too expensive. Kick back a little, they got this.
wedding florist

Be Your Own Florist

If you have decided NOT to go with a professional and want to be your own florist, that’s fine. That will cut down on at least one hiring expense. In this case, we would HIGHLY recommend buying in bulk from local farmers. These farmers are more than willing to work with you when it comes to price negotiations, plus you are helping out your local agriculture and economy.
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers is a wonderful site that can help you source local farms in your area.
That’s all for now brides. Stay tuned for part 3 of our Wedding Flower series – coming soon! How are you saving money on your wedding flowers? Let us know in the comments section below.
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Wedding Flowers by Month

wedding flowers by month

Wedding Flowers by Month

Choosing the flowers for your wedding requires special attention. First, you want to decide on which colors and style your wedding will take on. Then, you can determine what flowers will best compliment that style. Season is also an important factor in this process. Check out the chart below and read our favorite choices for wedding flowers by month.
wedding flowers by season
(found on


If you’re getting married in January, tulips (meaning: love & passion) are a wonderful option. They are simple, smooth, elegant, and make for a beautiful bridal bouquet.


Soft-headed, with delicate petals, Ranunculus (radiant charm) makes a wonderful wedding flower in February. The Persian buttercup variety features an enchanting, swirling bloom that will captivate you and your wedding guests.


Usually coming in blue, white, or purple, irises could be the perfect choice for your March wedding. They have a message of faith and wisdom; perfect concepts for your new life together!


Gerbera daisies (sharing your feelings) would make lovely displays in April. Not only are they an economical choice, but their warm color varieties and dynamic petals can add lots of happy charm to your special event.


Native to Asia and Southern Europe, the peony flower (m: bashfulness) has a rich history of being used for medicinal purposes. We think these flowers and their soft, pretty colors will add a hint of Asian flavor to your May affair.


Calla lilies are a great choice for a June wedding. With a meaning like “magnificent beauty” you can’t go wrong. These lightly fragrant flowers usually come in a deep, dark, Hot Chocolate color and will add a rich, tropical vibe to the party.


If you’re having a rustic summer wedding, consider the sunflower. These striking, orange-yellow perennials can add the perfect punctuation to your day. They are also great on a budget, considering all that is needed for a bridal bouquet is one, single stem.


Lilies are wonderful flowers that come in a large variety of classifications and spotted patterns. Usually associated with wealth, majesty, and honor, these classic fragrant flowers can add that touch of graceful design you’ve been looking for.


Roses have always been the most popular choice for wedding flowers, and it’s easy to see why. Most associated with love & joy, roses comes in several pleasing and understated colors that are sure to compliment your wedding colors perfectly.


The dahlia (blessings & inner grace) is a lovely option for your October day. The perfectly-symmetrical geometric design of the Ball and Pompon varieties make it perfect for a modern style wedding.


Chrysanthemums are a nice, inexpensive, and not-so-over-done flower for your November wedding. These blooms carry meanings of abundance & truth, and they are sure to impress guests with their uniqueness.


Hydrangeas (understanding) are a gorgeous option for a wedding in December. These thick, lush blooms come in a multitude of (usually) cool color tones, which are sure to mesmerize your guests.
Thanks for listening brides! Stay tuned for the next part of our Wedding Flower series!
What flowers are you planning on for your wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!
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Wedding Party Roles and Responsibilities


Wedding Party Roles and Responsibilities

In early Anglo-Saxon traditions, the men in the wedding party were referred to as the “Bride’s Knights” instead of the groomsmen. This was because they were responsible for being her protectors before, during, and after the ceremony. Today’s wedding party roles and responsibilities are a bit less…demanding, however, it can be a bit confusing with all the different wedding party roles. Which roles do you pick for your wedding, and who do you give them to?

Maid of Honor

Wedding Party Roles and Responsibilities

Assign your Maid of Honor as soon as possible. This should be someone extremely close to you. Responsible for the bridal shower and other various wedding day details, like helping the bride get dressed, looking out for the bride’s dress train, and toasting the bride at the reception, the Maid of Honor is probably the most crucial party member to you. She is like a second pair of eyes and hands for the bride, and there to provide you with the emotional support you will need to stay sane during this whole process.



Typically the amount of bridesmaids you have will be determined by the size of your wedding. If you are having a large formal wedding, then up to twelve bridesmaids can be acceptable. A smaller, less formal wedding will constitute fewer. As for who you appoint in the bridesmaids positions, they should be your closest gal pals and should be willing and able to help with smaller wedding planning tasks such as stamping wedding invitations and crafting wedding centerpieces, etc.

Best Man

best man

Your hubby-to-be will want to appoint a Best Man. This role is typically responsible for acting as his right-hand guy, advisor, and aid throughout the process. He will most likely be the one responsible for planning the bachelor party,  paying the officiant’s fee, making sure the groom is on time for the ceremony, and of course, toasting!



Just use your bridesmaids rules for choosing groomsmen; more for larger weddings, fewer for smaller weddings. However, the groomsmen can also double as ushers. This can be handy if you are trying to whittle the wedding party down.

Mothers & Father of the Bride

mother and father of the bride

Your mother can be responsible for as much or as little as you want. A lot of brides appoint these lovely ladies as their wedding-day contact so that they can relax knowing that “mama’s got it.” Your pops is responsible for footing most of the wedding bill, walking you down the aisle, and most importantly, the father/daughter dance.

Mother & Father of the Groom

mother and father of the groom

(Photo by: dparkphotography)

Once again, the mother of the groom can assume whatever role your man wants her to. She also has the privilege of dancing with her wonderful son during the reception. Your superhero father-in-law is usually responsible for footing the cost of the reception dinner, and trying not to tell every cheesy joke he knows.

Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant

This is pretty much non-negotiable. You will need an officiant to receive and witness your consent to marry each other so you can be, well…legal!

Other wedding party roles you can have but are certainly not required to fill include: Ushers, candle-lighters, flower girls, ring bearers, and pages (or train bearers.)


Ok brides, that about wraps it up. How are you narrowing down your wedding party? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!