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Rustic Weddings


Rustic Weddings

Mason jars and chalkboards and burlap, OH MY! If somebody told you a year ago that the rustic wedding trend would be dying down by the end of 2015, they would’ve been wrong. Rustic weddings are STILL the most popular wedding theme at the moment. What is a rustic wedding you ask?

Rustic weddings, also know as barn weddings, or wild west weddings, are a way for a couple to offer chic, quaint charm and without spending a gargantuan amount of money. Some couples also prefer it because they want to create a warm, enchanting atmosphere, as opposed to cold, formal and stuffy.

Think a rustic-style wedding is for you? Here are some tips for how to create a rustic wedding that will put your guests under the whimsical spell of love.


As for the location of your rustic wedding, the obvious choice would be outdoors. There are rustic wedding venues all over the U.S. Some let you rent out a large barn space, and some let you rent out farm land, either way, you will most likely be getting married amongst the beautiful trees.
barn wedding


You will most likely want your invitations to be simply designed, with natural, earthy colors. Using lace, burlap, or even old-style typography will also strongly communicate your theme to your intended guests. We adore these invitations designed by Etsy seller tranquillina:
rustic wedding invitations


You have many decorating options to help you create your rustic atmosphere. Just grab a bunch of mason jars, burlap rolls, hay barrels, and wild flowers and go to town! Here is some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:


Whether you choose a simple, minimally frosted, or bare naked cake, your rustic wedding cake should be a complement to the themes and colors you have displayed for the rest of the wedding. We think that naked cakes are the perfect touch on a rustic wedding. These cakes tend to be decorated with fruits, flowers, and even plants as opposed to thick icing and fondant designs. We love this Three-Tier Naked Cake with Strawberries and Roses by Ellen Hutto:
Naked cakes


Your rustic bouquet should also be a reflection of the rest of the wedding decor. Taut, sphere-shaped bouquets are not for rustic weddings, and should be considered more for formal weddings. Instead, try piecing together wild flowers that match the other decorations, and don’t worry about making it look perfect, as they are supposed to evoke a come-what-may feeling!
rustic wedding bouquet

Guest Book

Signing a guest book at a rustic wedding should transport your guests to another world for even just a few moments. You could set up an old typewriter (one that still works!) on an antique desk so that your guests can type out their messages of love, or you could have postcards that your guests can fill out and then “mail” back to you by putting them in a vintage suitcase. We love this message-in-a-bottle idea from Etsy seller Angelfishweddings:
message in a bottle wedding idea
Planning a rustic wedding? Tell us about it in the comments section below!
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Where to Honeymoon


Where to Honeymoon

We know there are an overwhelming amount of choices for where to honeymoon. You and your new hubby may want to sink into the soft sands of a remote, secluded beach in the middle of summer. Or, you might want to bundle up and ski gracefully down the mountains in Park City in November. Obviously, budget, personal preference, and time of year will all play a part into where you end up going. We have compiled a list of popular honeymoon destinations (some old, some new) to help stimulate your decision process.

The Classics


Whether it’s the velvety sand, aquamarine waters, historic sites, or luxury resorts, Bahamas has you covered. The new Baha Mar Resort in the capital city of Nassau is getting raves reviews and boasts five hotels in one, plus a casino (coming soon.)



Ah sweet Pari! It does not get any more romantic than the city of lights. Experience the breath-taking view of the Eiffel Tower from almost anywhere in the city and gorge yourselves on delectible food, wine, and art. Can you hear the french accordion already? Tres magnifique, no?

honeymoon in Paris


Another tropical local located in Hawaii, the Island of Kauai is a gorgeous getaway for you to consider. Along with crystal-clear waters and mocha-sand filled beaches, Kauai hosts plenty of canyons, trails, and state parks if you’re in a more adventurous mood. Aloha!



Venice is a city of many nicknames including, The City of Water; The City of Bridges; and The City of Masks. Whatever you call it, the romantic atmosphere is rich and palpable. Take in an evening of exquisite opera at Teatro La Fenice, go for a slow quiet stroll along the streets, or hire a gondolier to row you along tiny, charming canals.



If you are in the U.S. and you are looking to save a little money by not going oversees, these are some domestic options that can provide just as much oomph as the foreign destinations.


If your honeymoon doesn’t fall into the dead middle of summer, then consider a trip to Orlando, Florida. This place is home to a TON and some of the BEST theme parks in the world, like Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and of course, Disney World. Put on your mickey hats and get down there!

disney honeymoon

Napa Valley

Want all the thick, lush scenery and charm of Tuscany without having to pay the airfare? Try Napa Valley, where the mustard plants are plentiful, creating miles of lemon-lime roads for you both to gaze upon together. The list of activities for Napa can include winery/vineyard tours, fine dining at the famous French Laundry restaurant, and indulging in a sweet picnic for two.

napa valley

Park City, Utah

If your honeymoon falls on the winter season, consider Park City, Utah. Home of the Sundance Film Festival, this city has a cool, classy western atmosphere and plenty of activities including, mountain skiing, luxury spas, and hot hair ballon rides. You could also aimlessly explore the quaint streets of this winter wonderland.


New Favorites


If eco-adventures are what you’re feeling, maybe look into a Nicaraguan honeymoon. Nicaragua is steadily becoming a favorite for travelers who want the central American vibe and atmosphere, but don’t want to dish out as much cash as they would for Belize or Costa Rica. Nicaragua has plenty of beaches, volcanoes, and rain forests for you to dig into.

Mediterranean Cruise

Can’t decide on just one romantic European city? Why not hit a gaggle of them by hopping on a Mediterranean cruise? Anywhere from 6 to 15 days, these cruises will bring you to some of Europe’s oldest, most exotic places, like Athens, Lisbon, Rome, and Venice.


English Countryside

Thanks to George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s 2014 honeymoon in the U.K., the county of Berkshire is quickly becoming one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Europe. With gorgeous castles, intensly-green landscapes, and a quick hour drive from London, it’s no wonder this destination is luring more and more freshly-married Americans.

english countryside

That’s it brides! Good luck planning your honeymoons. We hoped this helped narrow down where you want to go. Where are YOU planning on going for your honeymoon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

wedding guests

How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

how to narrow down your wedding guest list

We know that the stress of planning your wedding can feel like being inside a pressure cooker at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, the guilt of having to nix people from your guest list can send you boiling over the edge. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to indulge that guilt. This is YOUR special day, and cutting people from your guest list is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to cut from your overall budget. Here at The Bride Box, we’ve gathered some wisdom and techniques on the art of the guest-list chop. So, grab a pen, pair of scissors, or X-ACTO knife and get ready to cut cut cut…

1st Consideration: Venue

First and foremost, you need to decide on a venue. You can’t really determine how many people you can afford to entertain unless you first know the cost of entertainment per head. Decide on the location of your reception and then you will have a rough number to start with.

2nd Consideration: Percentages

You also need to decide on what percentage of the guest list is allotted to you and your fiance, and what percentage is allotted to your parents. Because the bride’s family pays for most of the wedding, they usually have more control over the guest list than the groom’s family. You can work that out however you see fit, but keep in mind both sets of parents will want to invite their close friends.

3rd Consideration: Groups

Another good way to slash larger quantities of peeps is to think about the groups they fit into, such as young children, co-workers, extended family, or acquaintances. Perhaps you decide that you don’t want to invite the extended family that you never see anyway. Maybe you decide that you don’t want to mix your private life with your work life by inviting your co-workers. If you cut the entire group, you will also avoid hurting certain people’s feelings.

4th Consideration: Time

If there are still more people that you are conflicted about, a good rule of thumb is to think about the last time you saw them. If it has been a year or more, you can probably leave them off the list. Of course, there are going to be exceptions to this. If your bestie moved to the Southern France two years ago, to live off of wine and baguettes, you’d still want to toss her an invite!

5th Consideration: Introverts

Another thing you may want to think about is any introverts that are in your circle of friends. Some people may care a great deal about you but also dread weddings due to their shy nature. Cutting these people from the list may not only do you a favor, but them as well. If you’re not sure about a particular person, you can always just be honest and ask them how they feel in a way that doesn’t put them on the spot.

We hope this helps you cute down your wedding guest list! Remember, this is one of the most important, special days in your life, so don’t let ANYONE make you feel guilty for your guest-list decisions! Good luck brides!

wedding guests

What techniques are you using to narrow down YOUR guest list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Who Pays for What in a Wedding

wedding photo

Who Pays for What in a Wedding

Picture this scenario ladies: It’s 3000 b.c. and your family has decided that you will marry Lord So-and-Such from a neighboring village. You haven’t met this man, but you hear from the townsfolk that he’s mildly handsome and has plentiful farm land and lots of animals that will provide you with all the support you need. Now picture your father offering this man some of your family’s cows, land, or jewelry in order to make the union between your families more appealing.

It all sounds like such a whirlwind of enchanted romance!

Who Pays for What

Or not. Luckily, we don’t live in the old days anymore. We are no longer tasked with securing our family name’s future and livelihood through marriage. Now, we are free to fall in love with whomever our heart desires. There are, however, some modern financial customs that stem from these ancient dowry dealings. The following is a rough guide to the traditional rules that most modern families adhere to when paying for the various costs of a wedding. Of course, you may have your own take on things, so let this serve as a general outline of information you can turn to if you are lost in a quagmire of financial decisions:

The Bride’s Family:

Traditionally, the bride’s family is going to cover most of the total wedding bill. These costs include, but are not limited to:

– Engagement party
– Wedding planner or coordinator
– Bridal party transportation to wedding
– Vendors
– Gifts for the couple
– Reception costs, including food, music, decorations, rental fees and entertainment
– Ceremony costs including rental fees, decorations
– Flowers for ceremony and reception
– The bride’s wedding dress and accessories
– Invitations, announcements, programs, and mailing costs
– Favors
– Photography
– Their own attire and travel expenses

wedding photo

The Groom’s Family:

Ladies, this is where your man’s family comes in to take some of that pressure off your family’s plate. It will also probably keep your father from having a nervous breakdown:

-Rehearsal dinner
-Alcohol at the reception (optional)
-Their own wedding wear
-Gifts for the couple

groom and mother

But don’t think you and your guy are getting off scot-free! You are both responsible for a few small, yet very important expenses for the big day:


– The groom’s ring
– The groom’s wedding gift
– Bridal part luncheon
– Gifts for the bridesmaids


– The bride’s engagement ring
– The bride’s wedding ring
– The bride’s wedding gift
– Boutonnieres and corsages for the wedding party
– The officiant’s fee
– The honeymoon
– The marriage license

bride and groom wedding photo

Did you notice how the groom’s family list was significantly shorter than the bride’s family list? This is most likely due to those ancient dowry customs we were talking about before. But, due to ever-changing, ever-evolving hearts and minds of the modern 21st century couple, these customs are becoming less and less revered. If both of your families have a different take on things, then more power to you all!

Happy planning brides! How are you budgeting YOUR wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!

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10 Wedding Guest Book Ideas

postcard wedding guest book

10 Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Hey brides! We’ve compiled a list of 10 wedding guest book ideas we think you’ll love! These ideas are fresh, unique, and are bound to impress your guests and get them talking.

#1: Game Board Pieces

Ladies, why not dust off some of those old board games and put them to use at your wedding? Your guests can help you “build” memories with an old Jenga or Giant Tumble Tower set, by signing and constructing the pieces. Check out this fun set up: (photo: LOA Studios)

top 10 wedding guest book ideas

#2: Custom Art

One of the best things about the Etsy age is that you don’t have to know any good artists. There is an absolute bevy of brilliant creators, just waiting to custom design almost anything for you. Find one whose work you like and commission them for an illustration of your choice. You can have your guests sign certain elements within the piece. We love this bee thumbprint idea, taken from etsy seller Bleu De Toi:

custom wedding guest book art

#3 Polaroids

This concept might be older, but we still don’t see it many weddings, which makes it a lasting, unique idea. This is not the cheapest guest book option, but if you have the extra wiggle room in your budget, it will be well worth it. Not only will you have signatures and advice from your loved ones, but also a snapshot in time that you can relish for the rest of your lives together. Photo:

picture wedding guest book idea

#4 Postcards

Nothing says, “Greetings from happily-married land!” more than a postcard guest book. Display a box or suitcase full of various cards for your guests to choose from. You could set up a washing line and have guests hang them after signing, or provide a mailbox, so they can “mail” them to the bride and groom as seen in this photo from

postcard wedding guest book

#5 Typewriter

Planning a vintage wedding? It doesn’t get more vintage than a typewriter guest book. Have your friends and family type out a message for you, either of love, well wishes, or sage advice using one of these historically-significant machines. Get bonus vintage points by setting up on an antique desk, complete with lamp and feather quills. Check out this photo (found on Pinterest) for inspiration:

typewriter guestbook idea

#6 Paper Hearts Frame

If sweet chic is more your flavor, then consider assembling a paper hearts picture frame. Let each guest spill whatever is in their hearts onto tiny paper versions. If you think hearts are a little played out, maybe try leaves or something similar. We love this creation from Etsy seller PrettyProposal:

paper tree leaves guestbook idea

#7 Mad Libs

If you are planning a more light-hearted wedding, then how about giving out Mad Libs? You can get super creative with these and provide everyone at the wedding with hours of entertainment. This design from, is just one of the many options out there for this hilarious activity:

madlibs for weddings

#8 Keys

Everyone seems to have an idea of what makes a happy marriage. Asking your guests to document theirs onto little bronze keys is a good way to capture this wisdom. Just attach small cards and keys with a piece of ribbon and ask guests to sign and drop them in a glass jar, or have them hanging from a centerpiece of your choosing, like this tree, found on

key wedding guestbook idea

#9 Guitar

Imagine you and your husband, sitting by the fireplace on your umpteenth anniversary while he plays you sweet songs on the acoustic guitar that everyone signed at your wedding. Does it get any more special than that? The concept couldn’t be easier. All you need to provide is the guitar, and then sit back, and wait for the guests paint it with good intentions. Check out this beauty, seen on

guitar wedding guestbook idea

#10 Globe

This one is our favorite alternative guest book idea. It’s unique, elegant, classical, and perfect for you and your fiance if traveling is on your horizon. Guests can not only sign it, but also leave traveling tips from their own experiences. Plus, it’s a wonderful addition to almost any room in your home. This globe, from makes us want to go EVERYWHERE!

globe wedding guestbook idea

We hope you found some inspiration for your special day! What unique guest book will you have at YOUR wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Unique Wedding Favors

bottle wedding favors

Unique Wedding Favors

Hey there brides! Sometimes, you just get overwhelmed with all the options for wedding favors. We’ve assembled some of the hottest wedding favors out there right now. We’ve also provided some out-of-the-norm ideas if you want something a bit more unique:

Vintage Inspired Packaging

We are in love with this Vintage airmail gift packaging from The Knot Shop.

You should be seeing more vintage-inspired favors pop up in weddings this year due to the popularity of the rustic and vintage wedding movements.

unique wedding favors


If uniqueness and adorableness is what you want your favors to be, then look no further than tiny succulents. Everyone could use a little extra exoticism in their homes or lives, and they will appreciate something they can use to enrich their office lives. We found these cute, 2-inchers at Etsy seller AudandEl.

The perfect size for your guests to carry with them!


Bride and Groom Cookies

Who doesn’t LOVE Oreo cookies? Who wouldn’t ADORE little Oreo cookies dressed up as a bride and her tuxedoed groom? These cookies are among the bestselling favors at, and if you read the stellar reviews, you can see why. Yummy!

oreo cookie wedding favors


Koozies are a great gift for your guests. They are inexpensive and incredibly useful, especially if you’re having a beach wedding. Just think about it: everyone can actually use their favors AT THE RECEPTION. Genius! These koozies, from Etsy seller and partner of The Bride Box, RookDesignCo are sure to keep those wedding beers frosty!

wedding koozies


They say love is the spice of life. Why not package up some love for your wedding guests with some serious seasoning? Your guests will think of you and your wedding everytime they’re cookin’ up the goods in the kitchen. Etsy seller spicywedding lets you customize little spice bottles with photos of you and your groom to be. Simply adorable!

spice wedding favors

Mint Rolls

After all that delicious food and champagne, let’s face it, your guest are gonna need some minty freshness. These amazing creations from Etsy shop BabyEssentialsbyMel, are sure to please. Not only is the packaging perfect for an outdoor/rustic wedding, but you can also personalize the labels. Perfection.

mint wedding favors

Customized Jones Soda

I’m sure all you smart ladies know that Jones Soda Company will customize and affix a label for your ordered sodas. Now why not customize it with a picture of you and your honey for wedding favors? This is definitely a unique idea and bound to be a crowd pleaser.

bottle wedding favors

Skeleton Key Bottle Openers

Add a touch of ornate magic to your reception by giving your guests skeleton key bottle openers, like the ones we found on Etsy shop TreesofLace.
Your guests will not only appreciate the uniqueness, but will also be able to “unlock” their favorite beer while partying at your reception.

skeleton key wedding favors

Chopsticks & Silk Fans

If your wedding theme is a bit on the exotic side, why not give out personalized silk fans and/or chopsticks? If it’s hot, your guests will appreciate the usefulness (especially in the south) of the fans, plus they will create luscious photo ops. Check out these gorgeous fans and chopsticks at

asian wedding fanswedding chopssticks

Seed Packets

Rock solid, long-lasting love requires patience, understanding, and nurturing. Why not give your friends and family members something of their own to plant and nurture? Sending your guests home with white hydrangeas, pink peonies, or even African blue lillies will create a visual reminder of your special day. We found these wonderful, customizable seed packets on Etsy shop FavorUniverse:

let love grow wedding favor

Stay tuned for more wedding tips and advice! Be sure to let us know what you’ve chosen as your wedding favors in the comment section below!

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Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

elegant wedding invitations

Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Greetings Brides! We thought we’d take the opportunity to help many of you out there, who are planning your weddings, with financial advice. We know it can be a grueling, arduous effort to plan your nuptials, complete with nagging in-laws, cat-fighting bridesmaids, and more cake tasting than the average stomach can handle. The least we can do is offer some tips on helping you save some of your dough so you can alleviate some of that palpable stress you’re bound to be feeling.

Tip #1: “Hire” Your Friends

Do you have crafty gal pals? Why not ask them the favor of helping you put your wedding together? Hiring a professional wedding planner/organizer/crafter can be one of the biggest wedding expenses that you’ll have to dish out for. Getting together with your friends on a weekly basis for a wedding-craft and wine extravaganza can not only help you towards your wedding goals, but also provide you with some much-needed stress relieving laughs. You could also tell your friends that their time put into this endeavor can be their wedding gift to you, thereby saving them money as well. It’s a win-win ladies. Check out this DIY idea board from
diy wedding crafts

Tip #2: Bigger & Fewer Tables

Ladies, we know you fantasize about your reception hall, and how there are tables for miles, with everyone you’ve ever known, sitting around them, their eyes glimmering with a mixture of awe, emotion, and jealousy. Now picture fewer, bigger tables, instead of lots of little ones. Fewer tables means you have to construct fewer centerpieces, and fewer dollars dished. We love this outdoor table set up from
wedding reception tables

Tip #3: Friend Photography

Do you know any amateur photographers with amazing, expensive cameras? Chances are you do. With photography software becoming increasingly popular, people don’t necessarily have to take the most perfect pictures on site, and can tweak them later. There are a lot of folks out there who are fairly savvy with a camera and VERY savvy with Photoshop, so you don’t necessarily have to spend lots on a photography bill.
Top 10 Wedding Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Tip #4: Buffet vs. Dinner

You may want to consider having buffet-style food at your reception, as opposed to plated, or family-style. Having plated meals with controlled portions, being served by an elegant wait staff may SOUND appealing, but that can add up quickly. Firstly, you need to pay for the extra wait staff AND tip them at the end of the night. You also need to send out response cards so that guests can indicate their meal or meat preference, which is another added expense. Look at this unique dessert buffet set up from
Wedding Dessert Table

Tip #5: Your Friend’s Band

We all know that typically, a DJ is going to be less expensive than a band, right? Well, what if your friend, or your friend’s friend has a band and is willing to play for very little money, or even free? Maybe you pay these nice musicians back one day by hooking them up with free mani-pedis, or whatever your trade may be. Hey, musicians need to stay well kept too…(below picture was taken from
wedding bands

Tip #6: Local Flowers

Flowers can be one of the most important, mood-setting elements of your special day, and we don’t think you should have to skip them altogether just to pinch pennies. If you buy flowers that are local, or in season, you will most likely save a decent percentage on this expense. The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers is a great resource for finding flowers near you.

Tip #7. Design Your Own Invitations

According to, the standard, one panel wedding invitation can cost around $2 – $5 per invitation, while a print-your-own design version can be $1 or less. Try your hand at making your own design, or enlist the help of a friend who’s good with Adobe software. Make it a simple, elegant black & white design and save even MORE on the cost of printing. We are loving these simple, but beautiful invitations from
elegant wedding invitations

Tip #8: Bargain Hunting

I’ve got three little words for you, brides: Ebay, Craigslist, and Etsy. There are loads of former brides out there who are willing to sell their gently-used sets of wedding decor on Ebay or Craigslist, you just have to spend a little time hunting. is great if you’re in search of decor that is fresh and new. If you are able to find a newer shop on Etsy, they will be more willing to haggle with you in order obtain your business and garner a good review.

Tip #9: Secondhand Dresses

You don’t necessarily have to buy a severely USED dress, ladies. Sometimes women will just decide against a certain dress, after they’ve purchased it. They may have gained a bit of weight, making the dress no longer fit, or they may just decide to go in a different direction at the last minute. Websites like or connect brides to be with former brides looking to get a little something back on their purchases. Just make sure you get plenty of photographs, and even ask the owner to Skype with you for a bit before buying. Look at this gorgeous gal selling her stunning Monique Lhuillier gown for 67% off the original price!
Wedding dress for sale

Tip #10. Twigs & Branches

The centerpieces at your reception can be one of the most biggest expenses in your wedding budget, especially if they are floral. They can be upwards of $150 per centerpiece. Luckily for you, natural/rustic weddings are all the rage right now. If you were to assemble your own pieces using twigs and/or branches, it could save you roughly 75% percent of the cost. Start collecting branches now, ladies. Nature is free! Martha Stewart has some awesome ideas for branch-themed centerpieces!
branch themed center pieces

We hope these tips will help you save some on your big day! What are you doing to save some money for your wedding? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2016

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2016

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2016

Hey all you brides to be! Here at The Bride Box, we have scowered the internet and magazines to compile a list of the top 5 trends we predict will be all the rage for 2016 weddings. So, without further ado:

#5: Mad Men Style.

It’s no secret that the popularity of AMC’s Mad Men has slowly given rise to a newfound appreciation for all things 50s and 60s, especially in the realm of attire. We predict that in 2016 you will see more weddings than ever adopt this vintage sass, complete with poodle skirts, bowties, mint juleps, and pillbox hats; just hold the excessant smoking please. We love the mod style of this bride and her bridesmaids from – photo: Christina Karst Photography

Christina Karst Photography

#4: Drone Photography

While drone photography can be a noisy and expensive endeavor, it can provide some lush, beautiful aerial views (such as the shot below, taken from of your special day. Drones are not the cheapest of options, and of course safety can be a concern, so you want to make sure you have an experienced pilot guiding the drone.

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2016

#3: GoPro Photography

Given the versatility, quality, and affordability of the GoPro brand, we think you will see more people than ever using it for their weddings in 2016. You don’t even need to stock up on GoPro cameras to create some wedding magic. Even just one camera set up in a photo booth, the arbor, or even the bride’s bouquet can do the trick. You could have the camera set up in a high spot to capture a time-lapse video, or even strap it to a bottle of liquor like these insanely creative people:

#2: Blush Pink

Blush pink weddings have never really gone out of style, but we think that given the rise of vintage wedding trends, you’ll definitely be seeing more blush pink weddings this spring. Not only can the blush tones be seamlessly incorporated into the vintage style, but those lovely blush hues add elegance, softness, and class to any wedding affair. Here’s a color palette, taken from to help your blush wedding scheme:

blush pink

#1: Naked Wedding Cakes.

With people becoming more and more health conscientious, it’s no wonder that naked (not frosted with icing on the outside) wedding cakes are becoming more popular. Instead of garnishing your cake with the usual fondant icing or gumpaste flowers, naked cakes look best when topped with fresh flowers and/or fruits. Thanks to the Jolie-Pitt wedding ceremony in the South of France last year, naked wedding cakes are now on everyone’s radar. Check out this blackberry-espresso filled cake, topped with fresh, dark berries and figs, made by Lael Cakes. Yummy!

naked wedding cake

What trends do you think will be popular for wedding in 2016? Let us know in the comments section below!