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Wedding Ready Skin for Every Bride


Wedding Ready Skin for Every Bride

As a bride-to-be and skincare specialist I totally get it- flawless skin is an absolute MUST on the big day. That’s why I’ve created a timeline for all you future Mrs. (fill-in-the-blank)s! I did some research and found out around 40% of couples say their “I dos” after 13-18 months of engagement, so I’m basing this timeline on a year. However, great skin is certainly obtainable for shorter engagements too!

Wedding Ready Skin for Every BrideONE YEAR:

Begin a monthly facial routine (if you don’t already have one). Choosing the right skincare professional is key to getting your skin in tip-top condition; make sure she/he really listens to your concerns and goals before committing completely. A good home-care routine is also necessary:
Results = 70% homecare + 30% professional treatment
Ask your esthetician what she/he reccomends you use at home for your specific skin concerns.


Really buckle down on a cleaner diet. Your skin is your largest detoxifying organ in your body, which means everything you put in it comes back out. Eek! This is also a good time to cut back on the alcohol and coffee consumption, neither of which are good for the skin.


Have your eyebrows shaped perfectly, by a PROFESSIONAL. Not to knock any nail salons, mall kiosks, or do-it-yourselfers, but be certain your brow pro really knows what they’re doing. Your eyebrows frame your entire face and can compliment or take away from certain features (depending on how well they’re done).


Have your makeup artist booked and do a trial run. Trial runs prevent any mishaps or boo-boos from happening on the big day, plus you get an entire day to look _extra_ gorgeous for no reason! Date night? I think so! Win-win!


If you’ve been on any sort of deep exfoliation series (i.e. chemical peels, lasers), it’s best to end it now so your skin has plenty of time to recover and replenish.


If you’re planning on having a spray tan for your wedding day, try one now. You’ll want to be completely comfortable with your spray tan tech and the color you choose plenty of time before. If you’re a spray tan newbie, get all the aftercare info you need to maintain your color.


Schedule your last facial before the wedding. A couple of weeks ensures that any strange and unpredictable reactions won’t forever haunt you in your wedding pictures. Although a chance of this happening is highly unusual (especially if you’ve been following a professional’s advice and have already received prior treatments), we just want to be on the safe side. Also, if you book your treatment any closer to the wedding you’ll be too distracted to enjoy the relaxation benefits of your service!


Have any needed facial hair removal done NOW! Red brow areas & upper lips are NOT cute with a wedding dress, I promise.


If you bikini wax or sugar, have it done now so you’re honeymoon-ready! Some skincare pros offer “blemish treatments” where they use high frequency to “zap” any pesky breakouts. If your trusted professional does this service, take advantage of that now as well!


Get your wedding spray tan, and purchase any recommended maintenance products if you want to stay bronzed for the honeymoon vaca. Most spray tan solutions take 24 hours to completely develop (no showering before then), so give yourself plenty of time before rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding events.

Wedding MakeupDAY OF:

Don’t stress! Someone wise once told me to plan on two things for your big day:

1. Expect at least one thing to go wrong. I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but sometimes the flower girl leaves her shoes at home, the cake doesn’t make it all in one piece, and the DJ is running a hour late. It’s YOUR big day- everyone will wait, and everything will all turn out exactly as it’s supposed to. Keep your focus on why you’re they’re in the first place: your marriage.

2. Have a designated buffer. This person may be your maid-of-honor, mother, or third cousin twice removed, but as long as they’re there to deal with any “situations” it makes your special day less stressful and more enjoyable for you!

Some extra tips for you shotgun wedding brides:

Have at least one professional facial, no closer than two weeks before your wedding. The exfoliation will give you the perfect bridal glow!
Start eating clean and upping water intake ASAP! Nothing makes you look more beautiful than healthy skin!

Just my two cents:

  • Even if you’re not a regular lip waxer, take into consideration outdoor weddings can make the blondest hairs appear dark (especially if you wear any makeup bronzers). You don’t want to realize that when you’re looking at wedding pictures a month later- take extra precautions now.
  • Drink plenty of water! Hydration is key to healthy, glowing skin!


Guest Blogger:

Paige Brewster
Skincare Specialist
Clarity Skin Solutions
“Like” my page at: PaigeBrewsterSkinTherapy

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Subscription Boxes on the Rise

Subscription Boxes on the Rise

The Bride Box joined the subscription box world just over a year ago and we are excited to be a part of such a large and growing movement!

Subscription Boxes on the Rise

Subscription boxes have been on the rise the last few years becoming one of the most popular trends in the e-commerce world. It’s no wonder why they are so popular, who doesn’t want to receive a pseudo-Christmas gift every month. The element of surprise is a major contributing factor of the subscription box craze. If you’re thinking of a subscription box for yourself or as a gift, there are 1,000’s to sort through. They range from food boxes, beauty boxes, craft boxes, children’s boxes, there are even boxes for when your pesky Aunt Flow comes to town. These gifts are exciting to receive because you’re learning about new products to try and may just find your new favorite brand.

The Bride Box brings subscription boxes to a whole new level. As the original subscription box for brides, we connect with our subscribers on a different scale – bringing a box full of gifts straight to the bride-to-be’s doorstep. Brides who receive The Bride Box on a monthly basis will receive gifts to help them plan and pamper themselves for their wedding day as well as professional advice and tips from wedding industry experts. It’s more than a bridal show in a box, it’s like a wedding planner in a box that gives you gifts to remember why being a bride is so exciting and the most memorable time of a person’s life. The brands you learn about in The Bride Box are hand picked and selected by our Co-Founders Katie and Noell. Katie interviews every prospective vendor to find out interesting facts about our vendors that will also be useful to our brides.

The Bride Box makes wedding planning a personal experience again. Taking big ideas from the online market and delivering them to the doorstep of our brides each month where they can feel the products, see the quality, and really envision them on their wedding day.

This innovative wedding box for brides not only offers our brides a monthly box full of gifts, we help them find the perfect vendors from favors to décor on their exciting road to I Do! Check out how you can receive the box here.

Many Cheers and Happily Ever After’s

The Bride Box Team