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DIY or Not to DIY

DIY or Not to DIY

DIY projects can help save money and add a little more sentiment to your big day, but they come with much added time and sometimes added stress. We think that DIY projects, big or small help make your handcrafted wedding even more unique and personalized. Figure out what types of DIY projects you want to try out by measuring the time and cost of each project. Are you really going to save money, or if you are saving money, is the savings really worth the time commitment?

DIY or not to DIY

These questions should help you decide how involved you would like to be in your own DIY projects. Remember to start small with projects that are close to your skill set of craftiness. If you don’t believe us, check out some Pinterest Fails here and have a good laugh. Remember that planning a wedding is stressful enough & almost a full time job for many brides to be. Don’t add more stress than you can handle!

  • Are you a hands on bride? You know that every tiny detail will be better and more authentic if it’s YOUR creation.
  • Are you on a tight budget but don’t want to skimp out on little details? Every bride has a budget, some budgets just have a few more zero’s than others.
  • Are you over the top sentimental? You love handmade details from someone special in your life.
  • Are you even slightly a crafty bride? You would be surprised about the amazing projects you can create with just a hint of creativity.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to consider DIY projects for your wedding.

Some questions to as yourself before beginning any DIY project:

How much time is this project going to take me? Some simple decorations could take a few hours, where as wedding favors for 200 guests could take weeks or even months to finish.
Will it cost more to buy supplies for the project rather than order on my own? If you aren’t a heavy crafter there are lots of supplies to consider: ink, card stock, an exact knife, cutting board & cutting tools, stamps, fabric, etc. These items are not cheap and sometimes buying items from scratch can cost even more than buying the item from a seasoned pro.
Is this project within my skill set? Go back to Epic Pinterest Fail & have a good laugh and do-over.
What is the sentimental value of this project? Even if it costs more and takes longer – a lot of time the sentimental value is there & well worth it.

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10 Tips and Tricks to Save Big on your Wedding Day!

10 Tips and Tricks to Save Big on your Wedding Day!

1. Slow down. We know you are filled with excitement the second you have that shiny diamond on your finger. Your heart is racing with the need to plan, plan, plan. You start pinning thousands of glamorous ideas on Pinterest, making purchases on Etsy, even (prematurely) throwing ideas out to every one of your besties about the perfect Bachelorette Weekend and Bridal Shower ideas. Take your time and make your choices carefully. If you make decisions or purchases out of eagerness, you’re likely to waste money on items that don’t end up belonging on your big day.

10 Tips and Tricks to Save Big on your Wedding Day!2. DIY DETAILS. Give yourself lots of time for planning and projects that you can do your self or with your girlfriends over martini’s and a movie. DIY’s cost much less money & make you feel more connected to the details of your day. Another cost saving tip? Remember that details are an extra. If you don’t have them in the budget don’t worry, no one will think something is missing.

3. Utilize The Key Three. This will help you know where you and your fiancé deserve to splurge and where you can save for the honeymoon. Focus on areas that make your heart skip a beat, and you’ll feel OK about skimping on the rest.

4. Bring in your own booze & hire a couple bartenders. While this isn’t possible for every venue, buying liquor, beer, and wine in bulk and hiring a bartender will dramatically cut your costs since venues make a profit on the alcohol your guests consume. Remember to buy enough! Running out of alcohol is a definite way to upset guests and end the party early into the night. RealSimple has a very helpful Wedding Wine and Liquor Calculator to help you with your shopping list.

5. Ditch the reception hall & party in a grassy field, barnyard, or historic home. Hotels are expensive & don’t always provide the ambiance that your reception is calling for. Do some shopping around and find a unique venue that will be memorable for your guests and your partner. A great idea is to get married somewhere you can go back and visit as often as you want, enjoy the afternoon & reminisce about the day you became a family.

6. Hire a Wedding Planner. If you’re planning an elaborate wedding weekend, a planner may actually help you save money by negotiating costs and getting in the biz deals for that you wouldn’t be qualified for on your own.

7. Be Ruthless with your Guestlist. Newly engaged couples have the constant problem of acquaintances and old friends suddenly “popping up” in their lives in an effort to be invited to their wedding. A good motto to follow for all of your wedding guests: If you won’t miss them, don’t invite them. After all, typical per person is at least $50. If you don’t want to spend $50-$200 on them don’t. This night is about you and yours.

8. Friday I’m in Love. Weddings on Friday’s or Sunday’s are up to 30% less than Saturday Evening weddings. That’s not just in the cost of the venue either; entertainment, catering, photography, rental services may all be less expensive on nights that they don’t sell out on their own. Embrace the off-season.

9. Look for an All-Inclusive Package. Choosing a venue that comes with loads of extras means significant savings. Many All-Inclusives come with Entertainment, Photography, Wedding Coordinators, Ceremony & Reception, Florals and much more. An All-Inclusive may equate to saving thousands off of your wedding budget.

10. Borrow Something. You all know the saying, “Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.” Something borrowed means something you haven’t spent money on.

We hope you find these 10 tips and tricks to save big on your wedding day useful! What would you add to this list?

Click here to get more wedding budget tips.

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The Key Three: How to Save Big & Know Where to Splurge on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Tree

The Key Three: How to Save Big & Know Where to Splurge on Your Wedding Day

When you become engaged you are suddenly enamored with a to do list a mile high & dreams of a wedding that you probably can’t afford. You begin to think of all the guests, details, gifts, drinks, pictures, entertainment, favors, THE dress, and so much more… It’s easy to become completely overwhelmed and think that it will be impossible to have the wedding of your dreams. Well, it’s much more possible than you think.

Discuss the three most important items to splurge on between you and your partner. I like to call these The Key Three.

The Key Three: How to save big & know where to splurge on your wedding dayOnly splurge on these items and save on the rest. This is the first question I ask any couple when they begin planning for their wedding. Most couples go way over budget & figuring out what your priorities are from the beginning can help you stay in check.

When I married my husband the key three for us was photography, location, and music.

We knew that pictures and video would be all that we kept from our wedding day so we wanted the best photographer & videographer we could find. One thing you will be told over and over by anyone trying to give you advice is to be “in the moment” because “it will be over way too fast.” This is the truest and most important reason to have tons of amazing pictures and video on your wedding day. When it’s all said and done pictures are the way to preserve that special day. Your wedding day will be such a blur & pictures help keep the memories in focus.

The Key Three: How to save big & know where to splurge on your wedding dayLocation was important to us because that is what sets the mood and makes the memory. We were married beneath a beautiful Kapok tree that grew next to the intracoastal waterway in South Florida. Our romantic spot definitely set the mood & we spent less in decor because the natural beauty of our ceremony spot was all we needed. Think outdoor spaces: a beach, under a tree, a field with mountains in the background or beside a lake. Every state has natural beauty – what special spot do you have as a couple?

Wedding entertainment

Finally, music was important to us because that is what lifts the mood from romance to dance and turns your nuptials into the party of the year! Our DJ was also our emcee, and he literally dragged wedding guests on to the floor and danced with them! He was a riot & kept the party going until the lights forcibly came on!

Your key three may be completely different like: food, drinks, THE dress, wedding decor, flowers, etc.

Whatever your key three are it’s important to decide with your partner and agree as a couple where you can afford to splurge & where you can save.

Chris Joriann Photography:

Many Cheers & Happily Ever Afters,

Katie Myers
The Bride Box Creator & Co-Founder

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The Best Tools for Wedding Planning from Credit Card Insider


The Best Tools for Wedding Planning from Credit Card Insider

The Bride Box has teamed up with Credit Card Insider to help you save & stay in budget for your wedding day! We’ve found these tools very useful for all of you brides-to-be wedding planners.

The Best Tools for Wedding Planning from Credit Card Insider

Click the image below for a very useful calculator tool based on the budget allocation in the infographic to help you stay in budget. Remember, the calculator is not the exact amount you should spend based on your buget, it’s a guide.

Wedding Budget Calculator from Credit Card Insider

For example:
If your budget is $30,000 but you find the dress of your dreams for $800 then you have room to go a little over budget in another category. It shouldn’t be to goal to hit your budget, if you do, you will probably exceed with surprise costs along the way. If you’re under budget, enjoy the extra cash you have saved for your honeymoon. That romantic helicopter sunset tour will thank you later!

We hope you find these tools helpful in your wedding planning venture. Happy planning!

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Vendor Spotlight: Rachael Ryen Jewelry

Vendor Spotlight Rachael Ryen Jewelry

Vendor Spotlight: Rachael Ryen Jewelry

Rachel Ryen Jewelry

Rachael Ryen Jewelry has partnered up with The Bride Box as our exclusive partner for gemstone jewelry. Bridging the gap between “costume” and “fine” jewelry selections. Rachael’s semi-precious gemstones and raw diamond jewelry will make the perfect gift for anyone in the wedding party.

We recently featured Rachael Ryen’s beautiful gemstone jewelry in the March edition of The Bride Box.

Rachael Ryen Jewelry

We love Rachael’s designs because they each carry that simplistic yet timeless look that will be captured in your wedding photo’s and cherished for years to come. The different genuine stones she uses in all her pieces is what everyone needs in their jewelry collection.

Rachael Ryen Jewelry

These beautiful diamond initial necklaces would make a perfect wedding gift for the bride to be from her future husband.

“Rachel Ryen Jewelry fills the dark void between cheap costume jewelry and fancy “fine” jewelry with classic, creative colors and designs that work for everyone. Accessible, attractive accessories.”

Simply put, beauty that won’t break the bank. Join The Bride Box by clicking here to receive the best bridal gifts sent straight to your door!