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5 Beneficial Ways to Take Time for Yourself

5 Ways to Include Self Care Into Your Busy Life

5 Beneficial Ways to Take Time for Yourself

5 Beneficial Ways to Take Time for Yourself

This week, I will keep it short, simple, and sweet (with a side of tough-love) as I imagine you may have some last minute shopping or cooking to do.

Taking time to be alone is so important. You need space to be able to think for yourself. You need time with yourself to practice gratitude and to simplify. Learning to love alone time with yourself is the key to a healthy, happy life and a wedding day of ease and bliss.

Here are 5 beneficial ways to take time for yourself now:

1. Wake early, before your roommate(s) or your fiance. Enjoy a cup of tea. Make time to journal. Do some light yoga or stretching. Make breakfast and prepare for your day in silence (no tv, or try soft music). Waking just 10 minutes early to enjoy some solo-solitude will have you feeling more calm and collected. How you spend your morning is very important in setting the tone for how you feel and react throughout the day. Experiment with these variations and notice how you feel when you step out the door. Smile at the new-found spring in your step.

2. Take lunch away from the desk/technology/co-workers. This is a piece of advice I give to nearly all of my clients. Mindfulness at mealtime is so important for proper digestion, weight management, and maximum absorption of nutrients. Far too often, we swallow our lunch whole, either sitting at a desk while staring at a computer, while responding to messages and social media on our phones, or while gossiping with co-workers in the lunch room. Catching up with a friend over lunch can be food for the soul, but take time to look at your meal, to taste it, smell it, and chew it. Notice your dialogue, and try to include more listening, more positivity, and more gratitude. Focus on the good, and always come back to The Golden Rule.

3. Get in nature. Take 5 minutes to look at the sky, to walk in a nearby park, or on the beach. Don’t take the power of nature for granted. We become very detached to it and even I forget the serenity it brings after a day or two without exposure to it. Another way to do this is take a different way home from grocery shopping, or add in more time around your errands to sit on a bench and watch the clouds. We spend so much time and energy rushing from point A to point B without really knowing why. Take control of your place in your environment. And who knows, you may find yourself hugging a tree, or pouring your soul out to the fallen leaves. No judgment here!

4. There are more popular and obvious forms of self-care, like baths, massages, and facials. This can all be done at home to save money and time if you wish. I recommend making this a weekly or bi-weekly practice – don’t wait for the big day! Caring for your physical body is very therapeutic and increases your ability for self-love and compassion. Self-massage can be done with essential oils, (or sesame or coconut oil from your pantry) or your favorite lotion. It feels especially good on the neck and shoulders or legs and feet, depending on your day job. Facials can be done using pantry items like honey and baking soda, or oats and yogurt. And a warm bath become a luxurious ritual with soft music, candles, and Epsom salts. Make a date with yourself and schedule self-care. It is the easiest way to lower your stress levels and is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Create boundaries around your wedding. Keep secrets! Have something that will be a surprise. Allow aspects of your union to remain sacred. Share what you wish and keep the rest to yourself. When people ask why, tell them because its what you and your partner want. Feel free to be vague and not show everyone you meet pictures of the dresses you have tried on. I was surprised at how inquisitive mere acquaintances were about the details of our wedding. One day at work last year I was approached in the elevator by someone whom I didn’t even know who asked what my veil was going to look like. When I responded that I wasn’t wearing one she looked appalled and asked me “why not?”. I told her because I didn’t want to and changed the subject. It is that simple. Limit the amount of time you actually talk about your wedding – it is an important event, not a full-time job. Keeping healthy boundaries around your wedding will also prevent the post-wedding celebration blues that sometimes show up once we return to life as is.

Taking time for yourself prevents burn-out and allows you to be more present at family gatherings, holiday parties, dress fittings, and catering meetings. It allows you the space to make decisions that matter. It is necessary for a happy and healthy body, mind, and spirit. You are worth it.


Jennifer Jakes is a Certified Health Coach who is on a mission to support people in living their best life. Through simple recipes, daily motivation, and 6-month programs she helps people achieve their wellness goals. J.J. loves to run, cook, bike, make homemade face masks, be in nature, laugh, play, dance, and find balance as a yogi. She is a student of the world and is always ready for the next book or adventure. Please join her at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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N Johnston Photography

The main reason why we get overwhelmed in any situation is that there is too much on our plate. We over-promise and over-commit our time and energy to too many people, projects, and events. This can be especially true during the holidays and while planning such an important event as your wedding! We feel it is our obligation to be stressed out. We feel we are doing something wrong if we don’t have a never-ending to-do list. It can be hard not to get lost in the keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ mentality. If you are feeling like it is all too much, I encourage you to pause and take a step back.

Ask yourself “Why am I doing it?”

The best advice I received from a dear friend who is like a mom/cool aunt/honest girlfriend (aren’t those the best?) while my now husband and I were planning our wedding was: “If it isn’t necessary, say “no”. Now, being a people-pleaser and a true “yes” person, this was very uncomfortable and scary for me. In hindsight, I am so grateful for it. To give you a little background, my husband and I decided to do a very non-traditional celebration. Our guest list was 40 people. We rented a property of 4 homes in the Catskill mountains over 4 days. We bused our friends and family from NYC and spent the weekend playing games, cooking, and enjoying the surroundings. We set up a big tent in the back yard and had a long “rehearsal” dinner full of speeches, laughter, singing, tears, and a serious dance party, that rivaled the actual reception. We decided to spend money on what was most important to us, like awesome food from our favorite restaurants and handmade recycled quilts for our guests. The point of the story is, this didn’t “look” like most weddings. It was different from what our friends did, and different from what our family may have envisioned. And it was missing most of the components that blogs and magazines focus on. Every time we thought we “needed” something we asked ourselves “why?”. If it fit our vision and our priorities, then we would work it in. If it didn’t, then we moved on.


As a bride-to-be, it is important you take whatever time you have and prioritize it. If your wedding isn’t until the Spring, I encourage you to hold off on any planning until after the holidays. Try to be present and enjoy being engaged! Enjoy all that the holidays mean to you and your fiance, and your soon to be in-laws. Take time to speak with your fiance about traditions that are important to you, and what traditions you would like to have as a new family. Focus on the bigger and intangible aspects of your union. Anything that doesn’t require your immediate attention (be honest with yourself) can wait. You are building the foundation of your life together, and that is the most important thing to remember.

If the big day is fast approaching, and/or the holidays create more than you can handle, I encourage you to see where you can create more space. The first step towards change is the willingness to make it happen. This can be the greatest obstacle. But I can attest that the real magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Practice saying “no”. Take a look at the reasons behind your purchases. Pause before saying “yes”. Is your heart in it it? Why are you doing it? Is there an solution that you haven’t considered? Taking control over your decisions is incredibly liberating. Knowing the purpose and motivation behind your actions is empowering.

It is so easy to get lost in the noise. It is easy to spend hours obsessing over candle holders. But your time, money, relationships, and well-being are far more important. So simplify. Ask yourself what is truly necessary and what isn’t. Ask yourself why you are doing it. And trust yourself enough to know what is best. Your friends and family love you for who you are, not for the superficial stuff. Take some time now to define what matters most. The holidays are the perfect reminder to get back to what we value and what we hold as sacred. Use this to your advantage. Own this important and temporary time in your life to take control as the bride-to-be. And don’t be afraid to say “no” or “I’ll get back to you”. It will benefit you and your future husband for years to come.


Jennifer Jakes is a Certified Health Coach who is on a mission to support people in living their best life. Through simple recipes, daily motivation, and 6-month programs she helps people achieve their wellness goals. J.J. loves to run, cook, bike, make homemade face masks, be in nature, laugh, play, dance, and find balance as a yogi. She is a student of the world and is always ready for the next book or adventure. Please join her at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

We all know there is a lot of added pressure during the holidays. We feel the need to have the prettiest tree, bring the best dish to the potluck, pick out the perfect gift for the boss, and so on, and so on. Every magazine, commercial, and news show highlights this, only adding to our stress. We are trying to keep up with the needs of our day to day lives with the added demands and requests that the holidays bring. Now add in wedding planning! You may feel completely overwhelmed by your countless to-do lists and calendar appointments. It doesn’t have to be this way! Below are three quick and simple exercises to bring you back to the present moment feeling lighter and brighter.

Practicing gratitude has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and anxiety, while allowing you to experience more joy and focus. Your mindset is an incredibly powerful tool in taking control of your life and how you feel throughout the day. It is the difference between being in the driver’s seat, or feeling as though you are being pulled around by obligations and expectations. Gratitude is creating awareness around and acknowledging the things in our lives that we appreciate. The idea of expressing gratitude may seem fluffy or hippie-dippie, but the effects are real.

Here are 3 simple ways to practice gratitude in your busy life:

1) Make it a part of your morning routine.

Set the alarm 15 minutes earlier (trust me, hitting the snooze button isn’t doing you any favors). Take a moment first thing, before you look at your phone, or respond to emails, or search Pinterest for “place-card holders”. How you act upon waking dictates your day, so create a little space between you and all that you must do. Sit down with a glass of warm water and lemon, or tea, or coffee. Take time to write down all that you are grateful for, in that moment. The thoughts and emotions may come easily. Or, you may be surprised that it is hard to think of anything – and that is ok, too! Try to get super specific. For example: “I am grateful for my Mom”, can be expressed as “I am grateful for my Mom’s great taste in flowers. I am grateful for her ability to speak her mind. I am grateful that she wants to be such a big part of our special day”. Can you feel the difference? Try to write 5 reasons for each person or subject you list. You can either write until you’ve filled a standard sheet of paper, or set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Take a deep breath and now go about your normal morning routine. Notice how taking just a few minutes to pause and focus on all of the good that you already have makes you feel. When we live our lives from a place of comparison and lack, we forget how incredibly blessed we already are – with or without shiny envelope inserts, or the perfect “something blue”.

2) Tell someone.

Whether it is your fiance, the caterer, or your future mother-in-law. Take a moment to call, to text, or to send an e-mail simply saying “thank you”. Tell them why you are grateful for their place in your life. Express this gratitude without any ties to a response or to your own ego. They will be so happy to hear from you without any strings attached. It will also be therapeutic for you to take a break from your day to share love and appreciation with someone important to you. Even in your basic interactions at the grocery store, or when shopping for bridesmaid gifts, pause to look the salesperson in the eyes and genuinely thank them for how they assisted you. If that doesn’t have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, then get yourself a hot cocoa and try again!

3) Choose your words wisely.

The words you choose also have a huge impact on your feelings and emotional state. How you think about a task, a person, or a decision, determines how you approach it. If you view a situation as being a burden or an obligation, you won’t be very excited to “deal” with it. Again, bring the idea of creating space into these interactions. Pause and rephrase your internal and external dialogue surrounding the tasks in your day. How you do something is equally (if not more) important as what you are doing. When you find yourself wanting to complain about something or someone, first find one thing that you are grateful for in regards to the situation. Taking the moment to express appreciation will have you feel differently about the situation, and have you feeling more at ease. For example: “I am dreading calling the rental company. I don’t have a final count because my relatives in California won’t get back to me. And, I can’t decide which style chairs I want!” can become “I am so grateful for Mark at the rental company. I trust he will help me make the best decision. I am grateful to have so many family members who want to celebrate with us. I know it will all work out.” See the difference in the tone? Think of how statement one makes you feel versus statement two.

Your ability to express gratitude is responsible for how much joy and ease you experience. I encourage you to begin to incorporate these exercises into your day. Remind yourself how excited and happy you are to have so much to do, and for all of the love in your life. Embrace the abundance that these big events bring. Express gratitude to acknowledge how temporary it all is. Smile and move through your day feeling genuinely grateful. This is a lifelong practice that will support you every step of the way.

Jennifer Jakes is a Certified Health Coach who is on a mission to support people in living their best life. Through simple recipes, daily motivation, and 6-month programs she helps people achieve their wellness goals. J.J. loves to run, cook, bike, make homemade face masks, be in nature, laugh, play, dance, and find balance as a yogi. She is a student of the world and is always ready for the next book or adventure. Please join her at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Vendor Spotlight: Shop Allie Anderson

Shop Allie Anderson

Vendor Spotlight: Shop Allie Anderson

Shop Allie Anderson

One of the biggest challenges of being a bride is finding the perfect gift to compliment your amazing bridesmaids. Your main girls put so much love and effort into making you feel like a a Queen on your wedding day and oftentimes it’s hard to find them the perfect gift. Lately, one of the trends we see is tote bags for the wedding party and of course the Bride! Another reason why tote bags make a great bridesmaid gift is because they can serve as a day of emergency kit for everyone in the wedding party! No one wants to be a disorganized bridesmaid or a bride who forgot to pack an extra waterproof mascara after the tears start flowing!

Our favorite vendor for tote bags and other bridal party swag is Shop Allie Anderson. Her tote bags are custom made and include hand sewn monograms to make your girls feel extra special. You can choose the colors, patterns, and really create a special gift that matches the theme of your special day.

Shop Allie Anderson takes pride in following the latest fashions & trends to help fabulous fashionistas feel beautiful during extensive wedding planning. They are building a one-stop shop for all of your wedding gift essentials.

bridal tote bagsmaid of honor tote bag

Shop Allie Anderson was founded by Allie Anderson in the summer of 2014.

As a bride herself, Allie wanted the very best gifts for her very best bridesmaids. She was overwhelmed with all of the bridal items out there, but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. So why not make it herself? Her Etsy site was a hit in the first year, and from there, she had to share it with the world.

We think Allie’s designs are a little bit of Vera Bradley mixed with the right amount of Lilly Pulitzer at a price that no one will be able to pass up!

Thank you Allie Anderson for being one of our favorite featured vendors! We can’t wait to see how your blossoming business flourishes!

Have a product you would like to include in The Bride Box? Click here to contact us.


The Bride Box Team

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Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Essentials

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Essentials

The Bride Box has worked with some wonderful brands and artists this year! All of these unique items can help make your wedding day exactly how you envision it to be! Here are just a few of them that you should check out:

Nothing But Glisten
This talented artist makes custom hand stamped utensils and jewelry. Use Nothing But Glisten’s “I Do” and “Me Too” forks for the cake cutting at your wedding reception and order a wedding bouquet charm with your initial and wedding date to attach to your bouquet.

wedding bouquet charms

Smock Paper
We love how this great brand creates everything on bamboo paper or 100% recycled paper and are powered by wind energy. Use their notebooks to keep yourself organized during the wedding planning process and have them help you create the wedding invitations of your dreams on their luxurious bamboo paper by customizing a design to make it your own.

smock paper wedding invitation

Burlap and Linen Co.
They use a unique blend of natural and vintage inspired products to create memorable pieces for your big day. Whether you would like shabby chic wedding table decor, a custom ring bearer box or anything else special for your wedding, Burlap and Linen Co. can help you make your dreams a reality.

table wedding decor

Lauren B. Beauty
We loved featuring their blue shades of nail polish in The Bride Box! The quality and color is simply stunning. Their polish is made in the USA, is vegan-friendly, has not been tested on animals and is free of harsh chemicals. Their collection features a wide range of shades from dark to light; you’ll be sure to find that perfect color nail polish for you at Lauren B. Beauty!

nail polish

Have a product you would like to include in The Bride Box? Click here to contact us.


The Bride Box Team

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As a new bride and stylist BHLDN is essentially a daily feast for my eyes. Everything from their website to the package that arrives at your door is perfection. Well almost everything – their prices can be slightly out of reach for many new brides. The good news, if you love BHLDN then you likely love vintage pieces. And if you love vintage pieces then you love searching for a bargain. Many of their items are vintage inspired and incorporate elements of weddings from other eras. With the right amount of creativity, thrift store hunting, and Etsy searches you can easily make your favorite BHLDN pieces more affordable.


Bridal SashSash

A moment of sparkle doesn’t need to cost over $100. BHLDN’s sashes are gorgeous and completely hackable. All you need is a brooch, or a cluster of small brooches that compliment each other, some tulle or silk or satin ribbon from your local fabric store.
Pin the brooches to the ribbon and make sure the brooches do not weigh the ribbon down, causing your sash to droop. Measure the ribbon by wrapping it around your waist and cutting at your desired length. You can easily pin the brooches with the ribbon laid underneath to your dress and tie the ribbon in the back. Not the crafty type? Check out LoveForeverBridal on Etsy for a affordable bridal sash.

Average price: $40 – $60
Savings: $60


BHLDN’s clutches are intricately beaded and reminiscent of clutches from the 40s and 50s. Because they were so common in those decades they are often times easy to find in your local thrift store, for far less than $200. Don’t have a thrift store nearby, or in a time crunch? Visit Etsy and search “beaded clutch” you’ll see a range of colors and prices.

Average price: $30 – 70
Savings: $170



Who doesn’t love a picture of the bridesmaids and bride in their coordinating robes as they have their makeup and hair prepped for the big day? Floral silk and cotton robes are certainly trending right now and make for some pretty darn adorable and bright pictures of the bridal party. A $60 price tag may not seem too crazy, but when it is multiplied by the average bridal party size of 5 things get a little budget un-friendly.
Head over to Etsy and search for “floral robes” and you’ll see a variety of robes your bridesmaids are sure to love like the ones featured on SunsetToSunrise.

Average price: $20/robe
Savings: $40

Sadie Wrap

Sadie Wrap

For brides planning to walk down the aisle this fall or winter considering a chic wrap or shawl is a must. I’m a full-bred Florida girl getting married in New Hampshire, so you better believe I was on the hunt for an affordable wrap. I had this vision of white fur covering my shoulders and I found the perfect piece at my local Goodwill. Luck have it, the piece was also 50% off bringing the final price to $30. That is a far cry from the Sadie Wrap’s price of $190. Furs are tricky to buy online, you want to make sure they don’t have any hidden holes or smell funny. I would definitely recommend searching your local thrift stores, especially in wealthier areas of town, as furs were a common status symbol.

Average price: $50 – 70
Savings: $120

Saving money can be fun and very rewarding, but if you absolutely love a piece and you’ve been pinching your pennies whenever possible I think a few splurge items are perfectly fine. I purchased my reception dress from BHLDN and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The fit was perfect, I will not need alterations, and seeing it on me made me smile like a silly goon for hours. My advice to all brides: splurge when something makes you smile like a silly goon.

Jenny of Jenny Does Weddings is a blogger, wedding planner, and stylist who can be found spending her weekdays blogging and her weekends’ thrifting.

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Vendor Spotlight: Shabby Chic Wedding

Vendor Spotlight: Shabby Chic Wedding

Vendor Spotlight: Shabby Chic Wedding

Having a shabby chic wedding? The below wedding ideas can help you create exactly what you want for your special day. Look out for more shabby chic ideas and other wedding theme ideas in future blog posts from The Bride Box!


The Bride Box is excited about the launch of our own line for all things bridal! You won’t forget to stay hydrated as you look at venues with your BPA Free Mason Jar Bottle exclusively available in The Bride Box Shop. Look out for more wedding items from us inside your monthly subscription box.


We love Upcycled Whimsies. Redesigner Ashley Schmitt creates fabric banners and Upcycled Home Décor. She loves working with brides on specific color and fabric schemes to create the perfect shabby chic decorations. These banners can be used for adorable chair flair at your shower, bridal luncheon and more. Check out more of her shabby chic designs at

Cupcake Toppers

Handmade by Seventh & J – these adorable cupcake toppers will be the talk of your bridal shower, engagement party, or any other pre-wedding event! They come in customizable colors and prints to match your wedding style. Visit their online shop here:

The Adorable Studio specializes in affordable & customizable wedding mints that will become delicious favors for your guests. The chic wrappers can be designed with your wedding colors, initials, date and more! Check out their adorable designs at: www.theadorablestudio.comthank-you-cards

Pinwheel Studio is the perfect stationary store for a shabby chic bride. Pinwheel offers customizable, hand drawn designs and uses craft paper for an extra rustic, handmade feel. Pinwheel Studio specializes in stationery, as well as custom design paper goods. Check them out:

Visit our Featured Vendors Page to see a list of all our wonderful vendors we’ve featured inside The Bride Box.

Have a product you would like to include in The Bride Box? Click here to contact us.


The Bride Box Team

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Our Story: Laurie Mascia and Kemal Ajan

Our Story Laurie Mascia and Kemal Ajan

Our Story: Laurie Mascia and Kemal Ajan


How We Met (First Date was March 29, 2011):

Kemal and I met at our previous job. We worked at a marketing agency, and I was the proofreader, while he was the IT guy. A coworker told me that “someone liked me” in the company. It was pretty funny; it felt like high school. I found out this someone was Kemal. I debated on adding him on Facebook, and a friend convinced me I should. He accepted and asked me out for coffee. I told him that all I could promise him was coffee; I wasn’t looking to date anyone or be in a relationship. We went out for coffee. Then for lunch. Then dinner…and well, the rest is history!

How We Got Engaged (March 23, 2013):

Anyone that knows me well knows that Sadie (my dog) is very important to me. I rescued Sadie several years ago, when I was living alone in Boston. Kemal learned early on that Sadie had to be a part of the family, no matter what! And Kemal loves Sadie now, too.

While we had a mild winter, it was still rather chilly on March 23, 2013, but Kemal really wanted to take Sadie to the dog park with me. Even though the sun was out, Kemal and I were freezing as they stood in the dog park and watched Sadie play. After enduring the cold as much as we could, we decided to see if another area of the park was a bit warmer.


We drove to another section of the park, and discovered a nice area with a dock surrounded by beautiful trees (my favorite). They got out of the car, and I immediately began taking pictures of the trees and the other scenery (something I always do ha). There was no one else in this part of the park. We all made our way to the dock and looked out at the beautiful, glistening lake.

Then, all of a sudden, Kemal fumbled around in his jacket and said he and Sadie had a present for me (our two-year anniversary was coming up on March 29). He took out a small box that was wrapped up in a doggie poop bag (haha — don’t worry, it was unused!).

I asked, “What is this???”

“Just open it!” Kemal said.

I ripped open the bag (which was tied with ribbon, by the way) and saw a small jewelry box. I looked at Kemal nervously as he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry both of them (Kemal and Sadie, of course!).

I opened the jewelry box and was stunned by the gorgeous ring inside and immediately began freaking out. In all the excitement, I hadn’t even answered his question! But I said yes, of course!

And at that very moment, on the lake that was previously empty, with no human or animal in sight, a white swan appeared right next to us at the dock. We didn’t realize at the time how significant this was, as swans are a symbol of love, and a reminder of the blessings found in our relationships. Not to mention, swans mate for life…Ever since the proposal, swans have been following us around, too!

Our Wedding (June 1, 2014):

We had a rather long engagement, I suppose. But we wanted to have an early summer wedding, since I am in graduate school and very busy during the school year! My goal for the wedding was to keep it simple and sophisticated. I also wanted to add a personal touch to everything I could. The two weeks leading up to the wedding, I slightly regretted this (haha), but once I saw how much everyone loved everything, I realized it was all worth it.

Our Story: Laurie Mascia and Kemal Ajan

Luckily, when our wedding day arrived, the weather was perfect. We had a very long day. We had two ceremonies, and several Bosnian traditions to uphold (Kemal is originally from Bosnia). I started getting ready around 8am, and our night wasn’t over until 1am the next day! It was all a blur, really. But at the same time, I was able to savor a lot of the special moments. The day really does fly by though.

DIY Bride:

My Aunt helped to create our wedding invitations. She also helped me create all of the “Day Of” printables, including programs, menus, table numbers, and thank you notes. Everyone loved these!

For our guestbook, we decided to do a quilt. The actual quilt is still in progress (thanks to my Stepmom!), but at the wedding, we had everyone sign pieces of fabric. I can’t wait to have this keepsake in our home!

I painted and glittered a lot of items that were on display at the wedding, including signs for our card box, guestbook, our initials, and a Mr & Mrs sign at our table. I also created the display for our escort cards, and my other aunt wrote the names on them.

Sweetheart table

I had a special “In Memory” table with pictures of my grandfather, and Kemal’s grandfather and grandmother who have passed away and couldn’t be there. It meant a lot to my grandmother and his parents to see these pictures there. In addition, I had a picture of my grandfather on my bouquet, so he could “walk down the aisle” with me, even though he wasn’t there.

I crafted my own card box, and painted my own “Happily Ever After Starts Here” and “Pick a seat, not a side” signs for the reception.



For the most part, if I saw something online, I tried to make it myself instead of just simply buying it. I saved some money this way, and it made everything more personal. I did buy some things like the 100 fabric flowers we wanted to pin on each of our guests. The Bride Box gave me so many great ideas as well – I had my photographer take some fun shots of the I Do shoe stickers and me wearing the “I Do” Promovizion Sunglasses featured in The Bride Box! It expanded my original ideas, and really helped tie everything together. I loved receiving packages every month with wedding related goodies! I love trying out new things, and I really didn’t know some of these things even existed!

Promovizion Sunglasses featured in The Bride Box

I’m very happy with how everything turned out, and I am super grateful to have worked with such an incredible photographer. I now have these gorgeous pictures to stare at, since the actual day goes by so quickly!!

I Do shoe stickers featured in The Bride Box

Bride and groom

bridal party



Photographer: Lindsey Light Photography

Flowers: Sayville Flowers

Venue: Mansion at Timber Point

Wedding Dress: Designer, Mori Lee; Purchased at Bridal Suite of Bay Shore

Tuxedos: Rented from Black Tie Tuxedos

Bridesmaids Dresses: Designer, Bari Jay (girls could pick their own style in chiffon), from

DJ: Tommy’s Tunes

Hair and Makeup: Sadaf Mahmood (sister in law of one of my bridesmaids)

Limo: All Star Limo

Invitations and Printables: Anne Marie Mascia Design and Illustration

Laurie Mascia is one of The Bride Box’s featured brides! If you would like your wedding featured, please fill out the online application here:

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What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

What to wear for an engagement shoot

What to Wear for an Engagement Shoot

One of the best parts of my job is styling engagement sessions. They are each so unique to that couple’s own style and love story. I am often asked, “What is the best thing to wear during an engagement shoot?”

Lauren Louise Photography

Consider Location and Climate:

I live in Florida, which means as much as I love pea coats and cozy sweaters, they are hardly ever the practical choice. Think about what will make you feel pretty and handsome, yet comfortable for at least 3 hours. As far as location goes, if your vision is to climb the tree where the proposal took place, a mini skirt may not work. Consider instead a maxi dress that is easy to move in, while still providing a dramatic or ethereal element.

Consider Your Style:

Think about your personal style. What does your home look like, what would you be excited to frame and hang on your wall? I’ve seen everything from bathing suits, jean shorts and a striped v-neck, to formal gowns. I love them all. Having your picture taken for 3 hours isn’t always the most natural feeling, even if you know the photographer. If I wore heels during my session I would have been so focused on not toppling over that going barefoot was the practical choice for me. If you feel confident in what you are wearing you’ll be focused on the moment rather than that tight itchy waistband.

Lauren Louise PhotographyConsider Your Partner:

Do not match. Instead, compliment. A formal gown wouldn’t make sense with a pair of cargo shorts and a white t-shirt. Maybe one of the stripes in your partner’s check is the same color as your flower crown. Having subtle similarities can add cohesion to the pictures, without risking a prom moment.

Micah Kvidt PhotographyConsider Your Props:

The styling doesn’t end at the clothing. Many shoots I have styled feature furniture, textiles such as blankets, pillows, flowers, books, chandeliers, you name it. When we shot our engagement session I knew I wanted to evoke the whimsy found in the pages of my mom’s old fairytale Golden Books. The book’s illustrations and the props I brought along were colorful and graphic. Therefore, Glen and I chose to wear neutral colors of cream, blush, grey, and khaki allowing the props and the fairytales to shine.

Consider Going Bridal:

How many times in your life do you get to wear white lace head to toe and have it looked at as perfectly normal? Not often. I always encourage brides to embrace their bridal style throughout their engagement. Intricate beading, lace, white dresses, tulle, diamonds, full skirts, and sashes are all items and textures I strongly support.

Lauren Louise PhotographyConsider a Flower Crown:

There’s just something about flowers wrapped in a circle and placed on top of your hair that will make almost any girl happy. Skeptical? Just try it; you’ll begin to wonder if wearing one to work is within the dress code.

At the end of the day remember that this session is supposed to be an adventure in love. You are capturing the beginning of your lifetime together. Soak it all in and be sure to wear something you won’t find in your closet – a smile.

Jenny of Jenny Does Weddings is a blogger, wedding planner, and stylist who can be found spending her weekdays blogging and her weekends’ thrifting.

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Top Wedding Questions Answered

Top Wedding Questions Answered

Top Wedding Questions Answered

Q: How to go against all the trends. I’d rather sink the money into finishing out basement than into a wedding.

A: This is YOUR wedding day and it can be whatever you want it to be! If you don’t like the wedding trends, then do what YOU like! Do what reflects the two of you as a couple – that is what makes a wedding so special – not fitting in with the rest of the world.

If at the end of the day you are married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then your wedding was a success. And that is all. Here is one of my articles that may help shed some light:

Secondly, if you don’t want a wedding, then don’t have one! Financial issues are one of the top areas for divorce so I urge couples to start their marriage with no debt…and a wedding doesn’t help that! If a large wedding or any reception just isn’t your thing, then that is your decision and your decision only! Don’t let anyone tell you how you should start off your marriage – as long as those vows are said, I think your wedding day was perfect.

Top Wedding Questions Answered

Q: How do you serve a nice, elegant but budget friendly meal for a wedding of 130? I can’t find caterers that have affordable dining options.

A: I am so sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding caterers that will work within your budget! They are hard to find but I promise they are out there!

A couple options that tend to work great within tight budgets are:

1. An appetizer reception. No, I don’t mean that your guests get a couple appetizers each and they are done for the night but a large number of heavy appetizers are served, some stationed and some passed, and this will more than fill up your guests. Many caterers call this their “Heavy Appetizer Option” so I would chat with them and see if this is something they offer!

2. Pasta Bar: This is one of my favorites because everyone gets exactly what they want! You have a couple of pasta options available (or even one is fine too!), a couple of sauces, and toppings for everyone to choose and it is served buffet-style! It is a great way to fill everyone up and give everyone what they want. And pasta is always a more cost-effective option when it comes to caterers.

3. Food Trucks: I am not sure about everywhere else, but here in Los Angeles, food truck catering is getting huge! The truck has a kitchen of their own and they are always on wheels, so guests can order whatever they would like from the truck or you can pre-order it, and you just pay for the cost of food! There are tons of food truck options, varying from tacos to sandwiches, and even sea food!

Look forward to more top wedding questions answered in upcoming blog posts from The Overwhelmed Bride.

With Love,

Jenn Hallak

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Jenny and Glen’s Love Story

Jenny and Glen’s Love Story

Jenny and Glen’s Love Story

Jenny and Ben's Love Story

Get to know a little bit more about Jenny at Jenny Does Weddings, and how she met her fiance, Glen!

Our love story may be a fairytale now, but it didn’t necessarily begin that way. Was it love at first sight? Absolutely. Out of all the classes I took in college and all the students I saw but never paid much attention to, I remember almost everything about the class we took together and how quickly I noticed Glen. His smile, his laugh, his voice, and his height were all pretty swoon worthy.

We didn’t officially meet until I opened my drunken mouth and asked one of his teammates if they knew each other. Had I ever spoken to him? Nope. But the next day, Glen walked right into classes and said, “Hey Jenny”. I then sat through an excruciatingly long 3 hour class and tried to calm the mini heart attack I was experiencing. After dropping my phone right in front of him and sprinting out the door, we began texting on a daily basis, sometimes right up to 4am.

Jenny and Glen's Love Story

We eventually ended up dating other people and after over a year of poor relationship decisions we starting talking again. We hung out with a group of my friends – it was awful. He was uncomfortable, I was newly single with no patience, and we didn’t speak for 2 weeks.

When my friend, now a bridesmaid, convinced me to reach out and give Glen a second chance, I asked him to pick the place and I met him on his stomping grounds. After a few beers I could see he was relaxed. I had butterflies multiplying at a rapid rate in my stomach and after our first kiss they never really stopped.

Photo: Lauren Louise Photography

Since that night we have been inseparable. We moved into our first apartment together after dating for 4 months and were engaged one year later.

It has been a whirlwind. If someone had told me my Junior year that signing up for Drugs and Society would change my life, I would seriously begin to question what exactly they were referring to. Our story reminds me that everything happens for a reason, and almost everything has to do with timing. We let our story unfold over time, never rushing, and never forcing a decision. Now we get to see how the rest of our lives together will unfold, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Wedding Planning Q and A

Wedding Planning Q and A

Wedding Planning Q and A

Jenn Hallak, owner and editor of The Overwhelmed Bride, began coordinating weddings six years ago and immediately fell in love with the industry. From coordinating, to opening new wedding properties, to her position as Catering Director, consulting for wedding venues, and finally marrying her prince charming in June of 2013, this woman has experienced every angle of the industry.

We have asked her to help answer some wedding planning questions directly asked from brides themselves.

Q: How do you keep a buffet style meal for a 150 people served in an hour?

A: You will have no problem getting 150 guests served within an hour and will have plenty of time for seconds. I’ve seen double and even triple the guests go through a buffet line within an hour so you are good to go! A couple of recommendations that may help:

  1. Have your DJ or MC dismiss tables. Generally you will start with the wedding party and family first but the order is completely up to what you and your fiancé choose! This helps the buffet line to run smoothly and ensures guests aren’t standing in line for their food…no one wants to do that!
  2. Instead of one large buffet table, set up buffet stations or a two-sided buffet! You can have the salads at one station, sides at another, and meats at a third station, for example. This allows guests to walk freely throughout the reception and allows more guests to be getting their food all at once!

Regardless of whether you decide to split it up or keep one long buffet line, your caterer will help ensure all guests are fed and full.

Wedding Planning Q and A

Q: What do you do when you don’t want children at your wedding and the MOG won’t listen/doesn’t care and insists on the nieces and nephew being there?

A: First of all, if she is helping to pay for the wedding then you may not be able to do anything about this. I know that this is always a tough one when the parents are paying but at some point, you may have to give in in some instances if she is paying for the wedding.

If not, then here is what I would tell her:

Kids cost money too! Yes, they need to be fed, they need a chair, a table to sit at, a favor, etc. and all of that definitely adds up to far more than just the kids meal cost. I would explain to her that the two of you have decided against all children in order to make everything work within your budget.

This is generally the top reason for not inviting kids. However, if there is another reason you have for not inviting them, then I would just explain that to her! You and your fiancé should sit down with her and clearly explain why you have decided against having kids at the wedding and she should respect that because it is YOUR wedding day!

With Love,

Jenn Hallak

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Budget Friendly Thrift Finds for Your Wedding

Budget Friendly Thrift Finds for Your Wedding

Budget Friendly Thrift Finds for Your Wedding

There are about a million and one pieces to a wedding. Between the necessities, such as chairs, and the gifts for the wedding party it can seem like an endless list of items you need to work into a budget.

Recently, many brides have been turning to thrift stores in an attempt to dress their wedding in a unique fashion while pinching a few pennies. These are a few of my favorite things I’ve found for my budget friendly wedding that could help you in your search.

Lauren Louise Photography vintage dress

The Dress

Before you look at me with those crazy eyes, just trust me. Over the past 6 months I have found a total of 3 perfectly perfect vintage and handmade wedding dresses, all under $130. I am lucky enough to fit into my Grandma’s dress from the 1950s, but that did not stop me from buying three other potential dresses- because that’s just what happens when you have a pretty sparkly thing on your finger.

Don’t be afraid to thumb through the wedding dresses hanging in your local thrift, vintage, and consignment shops. I found the most beautiful 1950s designer wedding dress stuffed in a plastic bag in the back of a thrift store for $40.

Keep in mind, finding a size or two larger is always better than it being too small. A seamstress will work his/her magic and create a custom fit just for you.


Vintage Cake Stand

Cake Stand

Every time I see a cake stand in a thrift store I feel an impulse to purchase. Your cake is about as important as your dress, and it

certainly deserves a gorgeous cake stand to stand upon.

Cake stands are even great to stack on top of one another, creating a multi-level dessert bar. Plus, every new home will need at least one to proudly display homemade treats.


Vintage VeilThe Veil

As beautiful as they are, I’m not entirely sure why veils cost $100 on a good day when you happen to hit up a trunk show or bridal sale.

I recently found a gorgeous long veil with lace details running along the edges for $10. Which means if it happens to fly off your head as you are walking down the aisle and it is only worn for 10 pictures, you won’t feel so bad about it.

Thank You Gifts


This might be my absolute favorite thing to purchase during our thrifting adventures. Here you have an opportunity to find something completely unique and personal. During one of our trips to our favorite outdoor antique fair we purchased a pair of candle holding squirrels for my mom and a 1930s Maine license plate for my stepdad (he might love the great state of ME more than he loves me). There’s just no way I could have found those gems at the mall. I think my mom about cried when she saw the squirrels, and understandably so.

I hope this blog post helps in your quest for budget friendly thrift finds for your wedding!

Jenny of Jenny Does Weddings is a blogger, wedding planner, and stylist who can be found spending her weekdays blogging and her weekends’ thrifting.

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Vendor Spotlight: Bachelorette Wedding Favors

Vendor Spotlight Bachelorette Wedding Favors

Vendor Spotlight

Listed below are some of our talented featured vendors who were include in The Bride Box. All of them have something unique to offer you to use for your wedding events and beyond!

Featured Vendor: Glamour Sash

Glamour Sash creates classy, high end looks at a price point that anyone can afford. Their sashes can be used for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or tied around chairs at your reception giving brides multiple uses! All of Glamour Sash’s designs are original, each sash is handmade specifically to the bride’s requirements. They are proud to offer more color and font options than any other handmade sash company. You can also find Glamour Sash on Etsy, Ebay and ArtFire.

Promovizion Wedding Eyewear

Promovision is another great company offering a fun and unique way to celebrate your engagement! They make custom printed sunglasses where you can design your own by choosing a frame color, saying and more. Promovizion’s product line includes Wayfarer and Aviator style frames in an assortment of colors that have a protective UV 400 coating.

Bride-to-be Wine Glasses

Sticker Shop Unlimited is the ultimate shop for all your personalized and monogrammed needs. They offer everything from wine glasses, koozies, tumblers, cutting boards, tech cases, and the list goes on!

Visit our featured vendors page to see a list of all our wonderful vendors we’ve featured inside The Bride Box. Have a product you would like to include in the box? Click here to contact us.


The Bride Box Team

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Wedding Planning Questions Answered

Wedding Planning Questions Answered

Wedding Planning Questions Answered

Q: We don’t want a bartender, how do we display/chill the wine for 20 tables without breaking the bank, or how do we set up a drink station for the wine?

A: Generally when I have a couple who doesn’t want a bartender, we just put bottles of wine on each table, with the whites already chilled. For a table of 8-10 guests, I would generally put one red and one white wine on each table and guests can serve themselves a glass of whatever they would like! And it is far more convenient than getting up to go to a bar or waiting in line for their drink!

I would recommend having some extras as well, and having your servers replace empty bottles once they are finished. Or if you don’t want your guests drinking too much, two bottles at each table will definitely do the trick! The white wine always seems to stay chilled just fine but if you are worried, you can always provide individual ice buckets at each table for the whites. Personally, I think you’re fine without them though.

Q: How do you involve family out of town in the wedding planning process?

A: There are many ways you can involve your family in the planning who are from out of town! If you want the experience to be personal, such as trying on dresses, FaceTime or Skype always does the trick.

Or if they want to be more involved, you can ask for help in researching and getting quotes from vendors for you to then narrow down, collecting or addressing your invitations, or the best way to get everyone involved is to start group Pinterest boards so that everyone you want involved, can look around and pin their favorite inspiration and ideas to your wedding planning boards!

Wedding Planning Questions Answered


Q: How can I make my theme flow at the wedding?

A: When it comes to making your theme flow on your wedding day, simple is always better! Don’t try to over complicate everything but rather, focus on the aspects of the wedding that will work best with your theme. Whether you have a very specific theme or just a color scheme for your wedding day, items such as favors, the wedding décor, and your personal accessories are wonderful ways to tie in your theme without overdoing it! The simple and subtle accents that incorporate your theme or colors are what make your wedding so beautiful and unique!

Check out great wedding planning advice and much more from Jenn at The Overwhelmed Bride and look forward to more expert advice and planning tips in future editions of The Bride Box. Check by often to read more wedding planning questions answered by Jenn.

What are your wedding planning questions? We will get them answered in our next blog post!

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The 4 People You Should Hire for Your Wedding

The 4 People You Should Hire for Your Wedding

The 4 People You Should Hire for Your Wedding

Close your eyes and imagine your wedding day. Are you stressed out of your mind while guests stand in an empty warehouse that smells oddly like new paint and only has the echoes of footsteps and awkward conversation to fill the air? I would guess not. You’re likely imagining the opposite. You are sipping on a glass of rosé feeling like a pampered princess while your hair and makeup artists flurry around you, meanwhile guests begin to casually mingle in a charming warehouse space styled to perfection, with an alter area draped in ferns and peonies, while a band plays your favorite songs and the scent of your 5-star meal begins to linger by the caterer’s station. Which is exactly why the following are the 4 people you should hire for your wedding: a wedding planner, wedding stylist, entertainment, and a caterer.

1. Wedding Planner

The 4 People You Should Hire for Your Wedding

Take it from me. I’ve been working in events since high school and even I will be hiring a wedding planner. You may be the most organized person and have negotiation skills that land you a venue for half the price during peak season, but when it comes to the hours before you walk down the aisle to do this marriage thing, the last worry you will want to deal with is finding an extra chair for Grandma Suzy because the hotel miscounted while you were getting your nails done. Find a wedding planner you are comfortable with and who understands your vision. You can hire someone for the entire planning process, or hire a day-of planner who will manage the details for the week leading up to the day. Let the wedding planner sweat over the details while you sweat on the dance floor.

2. Wedding Stylist

Vis Photography featured on Wedding Chicks

A wedding stylist will communicate with you, the florist and the rental company while searching for the perfect props to ensure a cohesive look is maintained throughout the entire event. To take an example from one of my favorite shows of all time, Ace of Cakes, think of your wedding planner as the one who bakes the cakes, while the stylist is the person who comes in and works their magic with fondant and icing to create the detailed cake rendition of Hogwarts. The stylist will work to decorate your space and photographs with all of those perfect details. A great way to do a trial run is to ask your stylist to style your engagement session.

3. Entertainment

Ryan Polei

Whether it is a DJ, the band that frequents a local pub, or a cirque du soleil troupe, invest in entertainment. The best events have a form of entertainment to keep guests lingering longer while taking the pressure to be everyone’s source of entertainment off you.

4. Caterer

Jessica Charles PhotographyYes, you may have thrown amazing parties in the past and made all of the food from scratch leaving your guests raving about each bite. However, a wedding is different than your typical dinner party. Hire a caterer who has similar tastes to your own culinary style. You’ll still feel connected to the experience, even if you weren’t the one rolling each cannoli. Many certified caterers also handle the serving staff, bartender, as well as a liquor license.

At times a wedding can seem like a giant puzzle. Think of these 4 hires as the corners of your puzzle, holding everything together and helping the other hundred pieces to fall into place along the way.

Jenny of Jenny Does Weddings is a blogger, wedding planner, and stylist who can be found spending her weekdays blogging and her weekends’ thrifting.

Who are the 4 people you would hire for your wedding day?

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The Best First Dance Songs of 2014

The Best First Dance Songs of 2014

These are the top 20 songs we think are the best first dance songs of 2014. What will you be dancing to on your wedding day?

The Best First Dance Songs of 2014

1. All of Me by John Legend

2. Somebody Loves You by Betty Who

3. Make You Feel My Love by Adele

4. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

5. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

6. You and Me by Lifehouse

7. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

8. Marry Me by Train

9. God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

10. Wanted by Hunter Hayes

11. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake featuring Majid Jordan

12. I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

13. Chasing Cards by Snow Patrol

14. I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

15. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

16. I Choose You by Sara Bareilles

17. Let’s Be Still by The Head and the Heart

18. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

19. Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

20. Back at One by Brian McKnight

Get other great ideas for love songs to dance to on your wedding day on the Billboard website.


The Bride Box Team

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Vendor Spotlight: Craft A Beautiful Life

Let us introduce you to one of our featured vendors, Craft a Beautiful Life! These custom handmade bridal hangers were featured in our February Bride Box this year! Brides are adding a special touch to them by attaching a pretty flower to them or ribbon to make them stand out even more in wedding pictures.

February Bride Box

Wedding day bridal hangers are an important must have item in our for your big day. They make for great accents to your wedding dress pictures as well as keepsakes for after you say “I Do.” You can have these customized to say anything your heart desires – your first name and fiancé’s, you new last name, bride, and so much more! We are also seeing custom wedding hangers made for flower girls, mother of the bride and bridesmaids as well. What will your custom bridal hanger say?

Vendor Spotlight: Craft A Beautiful Life

Visit Craft a Beautiful Life’s Etsy Shop to order many other custom bridal products like tumbler’s, wine glasses, wooden signs and much more! Etsy is a really fantastic place to check out creative bridal items if you would like a handmade, personal touch to your wedding day. Many of the vendors accept custom orders so you are able to practically design how the item will look from start to finish!


The Bride Box Team

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Wedding Ready Skin for Every Bride


Wedding Ready Skin for Every Bride

As a bride-to-be and skincare specialist I totally get it- flawless skin is an absolute MUST on the big day. That’s why I’ve created a timeline for all you future Mrs. (fill-in-the-blank)s! I did some research and found out around 40% of couples say their “I dos” after 13-18 months of engagement, so I’m basing this timeline on a year. However, great skin is certainly obtainable for shorter engagements too!

Wedding Ready Skin for Every BrideONE YEAR:

Begin a monthly facial routine (if you don’t already have one). Choosing the right skincare professional is key to getting your skin in tip-top condition; make sure she/he really listens to your concerns and goals before committing completely. A good home-care routine is also necessary:
Results = 70% homecare + 30% professional treatment
Ask your esthetician what she/he reccomends you use at home for your specific skin concerns.


Really buckle down on a cleaner diet. Your skin is your largest detoxifying organ in your body, which means everything you put in it comes back out. Eek! This is also a good time to cut back on the alcohol and coffee consumption, neither of which are good for the skin.


Have your eyebrows shaped perfectly, by a PROFESSIONAL. Not to knock any nail salons, mall kiosks, or do-it-yourselfers, but be certain your brow pro really knows what they’re doing. Your eyebrows frame your entire face and can compliment or take away from certain features (depending on how well they’re done).


Have your makeup artist booked and do a trial run. Trial runs prevent any mishaps or boo-boos from happening on the big day, plus you get an entire day to look _extra_ gorgeous for no reason! Date night? I think so! Win-win!


If you’ve been on any sort of deep exfoliation series (i.e. chemical peels, lasers), it’s best to end it now so your skin has plenty of time to recover and replenish.


If you’re planning on having a spray tan for your wedding day, try one now. You’ll want to be completely comfortable with your spray tan tech and the color you choose plenty of time before. If you’re a spray tan newbie, get all the aftercare info you need to maintain your color.


Schedule your last facial before the wedding. A couple of weeks ensures that any strange and unpredictable reactions won’t forever haunt you in your wedding pictures. Although a chance of this happening is highly unusual (especially if you’ve been following a professional’s advice and have already received prior treatments), we just want to be on the safe side. Also, if you book your treatment any closer to the wedding you’ll be too distracted to enjoy the relaxation benefits of your service!


Have any needed facial hair removal done NOW! Red brow areas & upper lips are NOT cute with a wedding dress, I promise.


If you bikini wax or sugar, have it done now so you’re honeymoon-ready! Some skincare pros offer “blemish treatments” where they use high frequency to “zap” any pesky breakouts. If your trusted professional does this service, take advantage of that now as well!


Get your wedding spray tan, and purchase any recommended maintenance products if you want to stay bronzed for the honeymoon vaca. Most spray tan solutions take 24 hours to completely develop (no showering before then), so give yourself plenty of time before rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding events.

Wedding MakeupDAY OF:

Don’t stress! Someone wise once told me to plan on two things for your big day:

1. Expect at least one thing to go wrong. I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but sometimes the flower girl leaves her shoes at home, the cake doesn’t make it all in one piece, and the DJ is running a hour late. It’s YOUR big day- everyone will wait, and everything will all turn out exactly as it’s supposed to. Keep your focus on why you’re they’re in the first place: your marriage.

2. Have a designated buffer. This person may be your maid-of-honor, mother, or third cousin twice removed, but as long as they’re there to deal with any “situations” it makes your special day less stressful and more enjoyable for you!

Some extra tips for you shotgun wedding brides:

Have at least one professional facial, no closer than two weeks before your wedding. The exfoliation will give you the perfect bridal glow!
Start eating clean and upping water intake ASAP! Nothing makes you look more beautiful than healthy skin!

Just my two cents:

  • Even if you’re not a regular lip waxer, take into consideration outdoor weddings can make the blondest hairs appear dark (especially if you wear any makeup bronzers). You don’t want to realize that when you’re looking at wedding pictures a month later- take extra precautions now.
  • Drink plenty of water! Hydration is key to healthy, glowing skin!


Guest Blogger:

Paige Brewster
Skincare Specialist
Clarity Skin Solutions
“Like” my page at: PaigeBrewsterSkinTherapy

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Subscription Boxes on the Rise

Subscription Boxes on the Rise

The Bride Box joined the subscription box world just over a year ago and we are excited to be a part of such a large and growing movement!

Subscription Boxes on the Rise

Subscription boxes have been on the rise the last few years becoming one of the most popular trends in the e-commerce world. It’s no wonder why they are so popular, who doesn’t want to receive a pseudo-Christmas gift every month. The element of surprise is a major contributing factor of the subscription box craze. If you’re thinking of a subscription box for yourself or as a gift, there are 1,000’s to sort through. They range from food boxes, beauty boxes, craft boxes, children’s boxes, there are even boxes for when your pesky Aunt Flow comes to town. These gifts are exciting to receive because you’re learning about new products to try and may just find your new favorite brand.

The Bride Box brings subscription boxes to a whole new level. As the original subscription box for brides, we connect with our subscribers on a different scale – bringing a box full of gifts straight to the bride-to-be’s doorstep. Brides who receive The Bride Box on a monthly basis will receive gifts to help them plan and pamper themselves for their wedding day as well as professional advice and tips from wedding industry experts. It’s more than a bridal show in a box, it’s like a wedding planner in a box that gives you gifts to remember why being a bride is so exciting and the most memorable time of a person’s life. The brands you learn about in The Bride Box are hand picked and selected by our Co-Founders Katie and Noell. Katie interviews every prospective vendor to find out interesting facts about our vendors that will also be useful to our brides.

The Bride Box makes wedding planning a personal experience again. Taking big ideas from the online market and delivering them to the doorstep of our brides each month where they can feel the products, see the quality, and really envision them on their wedding day.

This innovative wedding box for brides not only offers our brides a monthly box full of gifts, we help them find the perfect vendors from favors to décor on their exciting road to I Do! Check out how you can receive the box here.

Many Cheers and Happily Ever After’s

The Bride Box Team