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Top 10 Wedding Tips for Brides

 Wedding Day Tips

The Bride Box’s top 10 wedding day tips for brides to remember on their Big Day!

1) Bring your marriage license! This is important to making your marriage official so remember to research the process well before your wedding day.

2) Please do not sweat the small stuff! It’s your day – let your Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, parents, etc. take care of whatever might come up.

3) Make sure to have your photographer take pictures of you with your family (or have someone remember for you)! We cannot tell you how many brides forget to take a pictures with their family members.

4) Remember to eat small and drink water throughout the day! Staying hydrated and eating small meals like cheese and crackers will help keep you energized leading up to your wedding ceremony & reception.

5) Go over your day-of itinerary ahead of time so you know when to be ready, when vendors are scheduled to arrive, and so on.

6) Do not forget to pack for your honeymoon early so you do not forget anything.

7) Make sure to pack a wedding day emergency kit! Extra bobby pins, hemming tape, face powder/lipstick, hairspray and more!

8) Remember to make your guests feel welcomed that are staying in a hotel by putting together a nice bag of goodies.

9) Have someone be in charge of picking up your belongings if you plan on staying in a hotel on your wedding night and leaving for your honeymoon the next morning.

10) Most of all…make sure to take everything in! It’s the one day that is about you and the love of your life – you’ve spent a ton of time making it beautiful so be in the moment!

We hope this short list of wedding day tips to remember helps in planning out your fairytale wedding day without a hitch! What other tips would you say would be helpful to remember on the Big Day? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below on this post. Remember to check back often for the best advice, contests, and more from The Bride Box!

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Last Fling Before the Ring Contest Winner!

Congratulations to JASMINE the winner of our Last Fling Before the Ring contest!

Jasmine will be receiving three months of The Bride Box for free! Thank you to all of our beautiful brides to be who entered the contest!


From Jasmine:¬†”My idea for a perfect bachelorette party wouldn’t just be one night, but a whole weekend dedicated to my girls. I have a small circle of friends that have been close since middle school and back then slumber parties were just staying up all night, doing makeovers, and eating lots of junk food. Now that we are in our late 20’s, slumber parties can be so much more‚Ķand yet we never have them! So I want a weekend dedicated to my best friends for life. I really want to go down to Key West where it’s a party all day every day and we can play dress up like nobody cares! Oh and did I mention shopping and sunbathing? Sounds like a perfect girl-cation!”


Many Cheers and Happily Ever After’s!

The Bride Box Team

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New Contest Alert: Last Fling Before the Ring

Last Fling Before The Ring Contest

We invite all of our Bride Box Brides to participate in the Final Fling Before the Ring contest. It’s simple really: All you have to do is post a picture of you having a good time with your best babes and write a paragraph about your idea of the perfect bachelorette party. One of our current subscribers will win three months of The Bride Box for FREE or a $100 Gift Certificate to Sephora.

The contest will run from July 4th – July 31st. Deadline to enter is on July 31st at 11:00PM.

You can enter 3 ways:

  1. Email your picture and short paragraph about bachelorette goodness (and badness) to [email protected]
  2. Post your picture on Instagram with #BrideBoxBachelorette and write your bachelorette blurb beneath the post.
  3. Post your picture and bachelorette blurb to our Facebook Wall!

Subscribe now and send us your party pics for a chance to win!

Happy Partying!

To Many Cheers & Happily Ever After’s,

The Bride Box Team